Student Personal Appearance Code

Student Personal Appearance Code
Sacred Heart Catholic School believes in the enforcement of a student appearance code for several reasons:

  • A uniform appearance gives students a feeling of equality, provides a visible sense of school unity and identity, and contributes to the professional atmosphere that should exist in a school;
  • School is not a recreational or social activity. The appearance and clothing of our students should reflect the seriousness of
    the educational process;
  • What students wear and how they look speaks of the pride they take in themselves and Sacred Heart;
  • Respect for oneself and others is shown through personal appearance and neatness;
  • Abiding by the appearance code creates self-discipline.

With this in mind, Sacred Heart has a uniform dress code that lists specifically what may be worn to school.

General Points Applicable to All Students

Students are to be neatly dressed and well-groomed during the school day. By definition, the school day begins when a
student enters the building in the morning, so students are expected to be in compliance with the appearance code and are subject to being fined for violations before school. These standards also apply to all students representing Sacred Heart School in a sporting/school event.

  • Decisions on the acceptability of student appearance will be made by the administration.
  • Extremes in personal appearance are not permitted.
  • All clothing is to be modest, of proper fit, neat, clean, and worn as designed at all times.
  • Pants/shorts with patch pockets, rivets, frayed cuffs, holes, or split seams are not acceptable.
  • Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Footwear that is sturdy closed-toe/closed-heeled shoes are required. Tennis
    shoes are the preferred footwear of choice due to students being involved in daily physical activities (i.e. recess, PE). Sandals and crocs of any fashion are not permitted (including warm-weather season).
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and combed. The appropriateness of hairstyle and coloring will be determined by the administration.
  • Hair must be a natural hair color. Sacred Heart does not permit extremes in hair coloring. If the hair color is changed, it must be natural-looking and well-maintained. If a student’s hair color is deemed inappropriate, he/she is subject to an appearance code fine each day until the hair can be dyed back to an acceptable, natural color.

Girls’ Directives

  • Hair must be neat, clean, and combed. Headbands/hair clips must be simple in nature and not have
    additional attachments such as ears, puffballs, etc.

Boys’ Directives

  • Hair must be neat, clean, trimmed, and combed. Ponytails or any type of headband are not allowed. Boys’
    hair must not exceed in length past the base of their neck. Hair is not to cover their eyes or ears.
  • Unless special permission is granted by the administration to the contrary, students must be clean-shaven,
    no beards or mustaches are allowed.
  • Sideburns may not extend below the earlobe.
  • Earrings are prohibited, as are the studs which are worn when ears are newly pierced. Covering studs with
    tape or a band-aid is not permitted.
  • Jewelry must be simple and appropriate for school.
  • Visible tattoos and body piercings are not permitted.
  • Accessories (scarves, bandannas, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Ink marks on the body are unprofessional, immature, and must be removed.
  • Backpacks, purses, and bags must be left in the locker during the school day.
  • Smartwatches and earbuds are not permitted at school.
  • If an item of clothing is not mentioned herein as being allowed, it should NOT be worn.

Read the complete 2021-2022 Dress Code with photos included (Download).