Scholarships 2017-2018

For more information please contact Counselor,  Mrs. Buckley


2017-18 Scholarship Board (Download)

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship: Amount:  $2,500.  Criteria:  Females that exhibit excellence in leadership, academics, extracurricular activities and community service.  Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0.  Is a citizen or legal permanent resident of U.S. or Canada.  Deadline: 9/27/17.  See scholarship board for application.


Earl Collins Foundation Scholarship: Amount:  $1,000.  Criteria:  Minimum ACT of 23 or GPA of 3.25.  Deadline:  1/15/18.  See scholarship board for application.


Elks Foundation 2018 Most Valuable Student Scholarship:  Amount:  From $4,000-$50,000.  Criteria:  U.S. Citizen.  Deadline: 11/27/2017.  See website for application:


Horatio Alger Scholarship:  Amount:  $6,000-$25,000. Criteria:  $55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income.  Involvement in co-curricular and community service activities, minimum GPA 2.0, U.S. citizen.  Deadline: 10/25/17.  See website for application:


Black Note Scholarship:   Amount:  $2,000.  See website for application.   Go to: $2,000 Get a Boost Scholarship page.


Feldco windows, Siding and Doors Scholarship: Amount:  $1,000.  Criteria:  Legal U.S. resident.  See website for application:


B.Davis Scholarship:   Amount:  $1000.  Deadline: 5/22/18.  See website for application


Groth and Associates Scholarship:   Amount:  $1,000.  Deadline:  7/31/18.  See website for application


Whiteman Spouses’ Club Scholarship: Criteria:  Applicants must be a spouse or dependent of an officer or enlisted military member (active duty, guard/reserve assigned to Whiteman AFB, POW/MIA, retired or deceased) and residing within 50 miles of Whiteman AFB.  Applicants must be a graduating senior attending college as a freshman in either fall of 2018 or spring of 2019.  Students must graduate from a high school within 50 miles of Whiteman AFB or home schooled. Deadline: 1/31/18.  See scholarship board for application.


American Legion 2018 SCHOLARSHIPS

(See Scholarship Board for Applications)

Basic Criteria for Scholarship Awards

The student must be a resident of Missouri. Applicants must be under the age of 21, unmarried and a descendant* of a veteran with at least ninety days active service in the U. S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, who received an Honorable Discharge for such service. A photocopy of the veteran’s DD 214, discharge or separation notice must accompany the scholarship application. Any additional requirements for each scholarship are on the reverse side of the application.

Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship Fund  – Two awards of $1,000 each are given each year. One to a boy who has attended a full session of The American Legion Boys State of Missouri or a full session of the Department’s Cadet Patrol Academy. The second award is given to a girl who has attended a full session of The American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State program or a full session of the Department’s Cadet Patrol Academy. Deadline: 4/20/18.

M.D. “Jack” Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Fund  – Currently one $1,000 award is given for two successive semesters, and may, by application, be extended for two additional successive semesters.  This award is available to a Missouri boy or girl training to be a Registered Nurse, and may be used in their freshman or subsequent college years.  The student must have graduated in the top forty percent of their high school class or have a “C” or equivalent standing from their last college or university semester.  Scholarships are awarded for one year, payable $375 per semester.  Deadline: 4/20/18.

Joseph J. Frank Scholarship – Five awards of $750.00 are given annually to individuals who are descendants of a veteran. Applicant must have attended a full session of The American Legion Boys State or The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Applicants must be unmarried, under the age of 21, a current resident of the state of Missouri and must use the scholarship as a full time student in an accredited college or university. Deadline: 4/20/18.

Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship  – Two awards of $750.00 are given annually in memory of the first Missourian to serve as National Commander of The American Legion.  Eligible are individuals who are currently members of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion, or a descendant* of a member of any thereof.  Applicants must be unmarried, a resident of Missouri, under the age of 21, and must use the scholarship as a full-time student in an accredited college or university and.  Deadline: 4/20/18.

Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship Two $750.00 awards are given annually to a student planning on obtaining a degree in education, in honor of this Past National Executive Committeeman from Missouri.  To be eligible, individuals must:  (1) be a descendant* of a veteran who served 90 or more days of active duty in the armed forces and having an honorable discharge; (2) be a Missouri resident; (3) use the award as a full-time student at an accredited college or university; (4) provide a copy of the discharge certificate for the veteran on whose the application is made; and (6) submit an essay of 500 words or less on the subject “In your opinion, what was the most significant world event of 2015-16?” Deadline:  4/20/18.

Shane Dean Voyles Memorial ScholarshipOne $750.00 award will be awarded, annually. (1) Each school in the State of Missouri may nominate one student to be considered for the award. (2) The nominee will be selected on athletic, scholastic and leadership abilities. The nominee should be deeply involved in community and school activities. (4) Must use the award as a full-time student at an accredited college or university.  Deadline: 4/20/18.


Central Missouri Electric Coop Scholarship $500. Criteria: Parent or guardian must be a current member of the Central Missouri Electric Cooperative.  2.75 GPA or better, minimum ACT of 21. Deadline 4/1/18.  See scholarship board for application.


Kiwanis Scholarships-  There are several at this website:


College Raptor Scholarships $2,500.  Deadline is 1/31/18.  See website for application:


AES Scholarship- $500.  Deadline: 10/6/18.  See website for application:


The Missouri Society of Professional Engineers Western Chapter Scholarship– $1,500. Criteria:  Attending an approved school of engineering.  Deadline: 2/1/18.  See website for application.


Westlake Scholarship Program Tuition, Fees, Books and Supplies for the 2018-19 Academic Year!  Criteria:  Missouri resident, 2.5 GPA, Family adjusted gross income of $50,000 or less.  Deadline: 2/1/18.  See website for application


I-70 Community Hospital Foundation Board Scholarship– Criteria: Must be a resident of a county that serves as the I-70 Community Hospital service area. Deadline 3/31/18.  See website for application


Voiture 333 Forty and Eight Scholarship–  $500. Criteria: Plans to pursue a degree in nursing.  Deadline 4/14/18.  See scholarship board for application.


College Raptor Scholarship–  $2500.  Deadline: 1/31/18.  See website for application


National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship–  $4,000.  Criteria:  First preference will be given to a Business, Transportation Logistics and Physical Distribution majors.  Deadline:  3/1/18.  See scholarship board for application.


Pottroff & Karlin Law Firm Scholarship-  $1,000.  Criteria:  United States citizen, GPA 3.0.  Deadline:  8/1/18.  See website for application


AFA Scholarship $3,200.  Criteria:  Planning to pursue a four year degree in an agriculture related field of study.  Deadline 3/14/2018.  See website for application


American Society of Military Comptrollers: $250. Criteria:  Must be entering a field of study directly related to financial management.  Deadline 3/15/18.  See scholarship board for application.


Women’s Service League Scholarship: $500. Criteria:  Female in the top 30 percent of her graduating class. Deadline: 4/4/18. See scholarship board for application.


Knights of Columbus Scholarships:  $1,500.  Several scholarships!  See information below for each!  Deadline: 2/20/18.  See Scholarship board for application.


Scholarships Awarded by the Missouri State Council

The Missouri State council awards a total of eleven (11) scholarships each year. Each scholarship has an annual award of $1500, Payable in installments of $750 per semester. The scholarships are designated in the following categories:


Four (4) LUKE E. HART MEMORIAL Scholarships. The recipients MUST attend one of the branches of the University of Missouri in Columbia, St. Louis, Rolla, or Kansas City. If fewer than four qualified applicants apply, then these scholarships may be awarded as specified for Missouri State Scholarships.


Three (3) MISSOURI STATE Scholarships. The recipients may attend any accredited university, college, or technical school; beyond high school level.


Three (3) VOCATION Scholarships. The recipients may attend any accredited seminary or college of their choice to study for a vocation to the religious life. If no applications are received from applicants desiring to study for a vocation to the priesthood or to serve in a religious community, then these scholarships may be awarded to other applicants with preference given to those attending Catholic institutions


One (1) TECH SCHOOL Scholarship.The recipient may attend any accredited technical school. These are normally two-year programs.


ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the Hart, Missouri State, or Tech School scholarships, the applicant MUST be: A member of the Knights of Columbus; OR The son, daughter, or wife of a member of the Knights of Columbus; OR The son, daughter, or non-remarried wife of a deceased member of the Knights of Columbus; OR a member of a Ladies Auxiliary of a Missouri Knights Council OR A Squire or Columbus Girl in good standing, attested to by the Chief Counselor and GK; OR A minor child whose LEGAL GUARDIAN is a member of the Knights of Columbus. The applicant must obtain the certification of the Grand Knight OR the Financial Secretary of the local Council to verify membership. Member is defined as a member in good standing of a Council within Missouri. Applicants for the Vocations scholarships must be approved by one of the Missouri Dioceses or by a religious order located in Missouri. The membership requirements do NOT apply to Vocation Applicants. Scholarship winners are selected based on Catholic citizenship, community service, scholarship, and financial need. The recipients are selected by a Committee of the Knights of Columbus as appointed by the State Deputy. All scholarships are for Missouri residents. Payments are made directly to the institution AFTER proof of successful enrollment in good standing is provided to the Scholarship Committee.


APPLICATION DEADLINE Completed applications using only the 2017-2018 application form, and required certification forms must be postmarked no later than FEBRUARY 17, 2018 to be considered. Applications will be available on the State Council’s web page. Applications should be mailed to:


John “Rocky” Gambon

Scholarship Chairman

3645 E. Kirkwood Springfield, MO 65809

D: 417-830-6389 N: 471-889-4086


Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships Awarded by the Supreme Council


PRO DEO AND PRO PATRIA Scholarships Sixty-two (62) scholarships for undergraduate studies in the amount of $1500 are awarded in this program to members and the sons and daughters of a member or deceased member. Ten (10) of these scholarships are awarded for studies at the Catholic University of America and forty-eight (48) are awarded for studies at any Catholic college of the student’s choice in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, or the Philippines. Four (4) additional scholarships are awarded annually to members of the Columbian Squires.



These fellowships are established for work in the fields offered in the graduate school of the Catholic University of America. The fellowships cover tuition, room and board and may be renewed annually up to three years. Detailed information on these programs is available in the Financial Aid To Education pamphlet #951 or by writing directly to: Director of Scholarship Aid, P.O. Box 1670, New Haven, CT 06507.



William H. Simon Scholarship: $2,000.  Criteria: Must be registered Catholic in the Jeff City Diocese.  Must demonstrate financial need.  See scholarship board for application.  Deadline 3/31/18.


Aspiring Nurse Scholarship:  $1,000. Criteria: Seniors pursuing a nursing degree.  Academic excellence particularly in science and math. Deadline: 8/31/18.  See website for application.


MFA Foundation Scholarship: $2,000. Criteria: Pursuing a field related to agriculture, or other studies that benefit rural life.  Deadline: 3/15/18. See scholarship board for the application.


Design a Better Future Scholarship:  $10,000. Criteria: Submit a proposal on how to better communities.  See website for more details and application


Pettis County Farm Bureau Scholarship:  $500.  Criteria: Must be planning to major in an agricultural program/field


Derrick Law Firm Scholarship:  See website for application


Alpha Delta Kappa Teaching Sorority Scholarship: $500. Criteria:  Preference is given to those pursuing the field of education, but consideration is given to others as well.  Deadline 4/16/18. See scholarship board for the application.


Bothwell Foundation Scholarship:  $500.  Criteria: Must be a U.S. citizen and resident of Pettis or Benton County.  Must be pursuing a healthcare related field. Deadline: 4/13/18.

See scholarship board for the application.


Hammett, Bellin &Oswald Scholarship:  $750.  Criteria:  GPA of 3.0.  Deadline: 5/31/18.  See website for the application.


Danley’s Garage Builders Scholarship: $1,000. Criteria: Must be a U.S. resident. Deadline: 11/15/18. See website for application Scholarship: $500. Deadline: 6/30/18. See website for application


College Raptor Scholarship: $2,500. See website for application


McCarthy Toyota Scholarship: $5,000. Criteria: GPA 3.75 or above, member of NHS and on A honor roll all 4 quarters of Senior year, in good standing with the school. Deadline: 4/27/18. See scholarship board for the application. (turn in to Mrs. Buckley)


Devon Grose Scholarship: Criteria: Must be attending State Fair Community College in the Fall of 2018. Deadline: 4/13/18. See scholarship board for application.


AGC of Missouri Education Foundation Scholarship: $2,000. Criteria: Attending Missouri college or university, be a US citizen. (app says must be going into construction, but they said they will award this to students of any major) Deadline: 4/1/18. See scholarship board for application.


NAACP Scholarship: $500. Deadline: 4/21/18. See scholarship board for application.


Pettis Co Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship: $500. Criteria: Parent must be a dues paid member of the Pettis Co Cattlemen’s Assoc., 2.5 GPA and a US citizen.