Scholarships 2019-2020

For more information please contact the Counselor,  Mrs. Buckley


2019-2020 Scholarship List (Download)

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship: $2,500.  Criteria: Female, exhibits excellence in leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, and community service.  GPA of 3.0, US citizen or legal permanent resident and plans to attend an accredited post-secondary school. Deadline 9/25/19. See the scholarship board for application.


AES Scholarship: Deadline 10/6/19.  See website for application


Earl Collins Foundation Scholarship (Kiwanis):  $1,000.  Criteria:  Evidence of motivation in the form of extracurricular activities such as: Leadership, Community Services, Class Offices, Church Activities and Honors received.  Deadline: 1/15/20.

See the scholarship board for application.


National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships:

There are several with different criteria and award amounts and lots of information!  Mrs. Kennon will make sure each senior receives one. Mrs. Buckley will put extra paper copies on the Scholarship Board.


Amco Ranger Termite & Pest Solution Scholarship:  $1,000. Criteria community service.  See website for application


Central Missouri Electric Cooperative Scholarship:  $500.  Criteria:  2.75 GPA, minimum ACT score 21.  Applicants’ parents or legal guardians must be current members of the cooperative.  Deadline: 4/1/20. See the scholarship board for application.


Voiture 333 Nursing Scholarship:   $500.  Criteria:  Applicant must be accepted as a fulltime student in a vocational-technical college, a university, or a program of nursing in the State of Missouri.  Deadline: 4/11/20. See the scholarship board for application.

Devon Grose Memorial Scholarship:  $500-$1,000.  Criteria: Graduating senior with financial need.  Deadline. 5/1/20. See the scholarship board for application.


*updated 1/14/2020