RiaseRight is a program to earn rebates to lower your tuition. During the school year, our families saved more than $13,000 on tuition by using gift cards purchased through RaiseRight to pay for everything from groceries to gas to clothing to vacations to home improvement. Over 750 retailers, many you already shop with, participate, and offer rebates ranging from 1.25 – 25% and more! Participants can direct rebates to specific families or to the Adopt- a-Student fund. Some of our families are saving over $1,000 an­nually with help from their extended family. Imagine the difference we can make if we all participated in this great program! 

RaiseRight Letter and User Agreement (English, Spanish)

RaiseRight FAQ (English, Spanish)


Physical Gift Cards

Don’t forget to stop by the school office Monday through Friday to shop from our great selection of physical gift cards.  We have several retailers ONLY available through the office (i.e. Casey’s, Cenex, Shell, Colton’s, McD, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and VISA to name a few).

Kehde’s Barbecue gift cards are NOW available in the school office.  Gift cards are $25 face value and have a 25% rebate.  Yes, you read correctly … 25%!!!  Each time you purchase a $25 gift card you will receive a rebate of $6.25!!!

Questions about Scrip? Contact Esther DeGraff at 660.827.3800 or Jen Cordia at scrip@gogremlins.com for help.

Important RaiseRight updates 1/11/2021

Exciting changes are being made to the RaiseRight program effective January 1, 2021!  You will now have expanded choices for how you use the rebates you earn through the program.  Going forward you will be able to choose to:

  1. Donate your rebates to the school as a charitable contribution which will be tax-deductible.

  2. Take your rebates as a cash payment.

  3. Have your rebates credited to your tuition/school fees account.

Payouts will be made once a year in January to coincide with the tax year, so the cut-off date will be December 31st.

These changes are a result of new guidance from the Diocese, and will require more rigorous documentation.  In order to facilitate these changes, an administrative fee will now be accessed from all rebates earned.  Going forward families will control 80% of the rebates earned, while 20% will go to cover the increased cost of providing the program.  This fee will also give the program flexibility for future expansion of the program to make it even better for our families.

For more information see the attached RaiseRight Program FAQs document, or contact the school office at 660.827.3800 or Jennifer Cordia at scrip@gogremlins.com.

Setting up your SCRIP Wallet