RiaseRight is a program Sacred Heart School offers our school families to earn rebates to lower your tuition. During 2023, our families saved more than $9,500 on tuition by using gift cards purchased through RaiseRight to pay for everything from groceries to gas to clothing to vacations to home improvement. When you purchase a gift card through the program to pay for purchases, the retailer donates a portion of the face value of the card back to you in the form of a rebate. Over 750 retailers, many you already shop with, participate nationwide, and offer rebates ranging from 1.25 – 25% and more! This makes it easy to earn rebates no matter where are you.

There are two ways to participate in the program; purchasing physical gift cards through the school office or purchasing electronic gift cards through the RaiseRight app. Using the RaiseRight app to purchase electronic gift cards is a great way to maximize the rebates you earn. You can purchase the electronic gift card through the app while you are checking out at the store and use the it immediately to pay for your purchases. It is on demand, no preplanning required!

Some retailers are only available as physical gift cards. There are a couple of ways to purchase these cards; ordering them through the RaiseRight app to be picked up at school, stopping in at school during volunteer open hours for immediate purchases of cards in inventory, dropping your order at the office, emailing your order to scrip@gogremlins.com, or visiting the RaiseRight table after Masses. If you drop orders off at the school office or email them to the program coordinator, volunteers will fill your order and let you know when it’s available for pick-up. Check out the RaiseRight article in The Sacred Heart Beat email to find out volunteer open hours, upcoming bulk order dates, and which weekends RaiseRight will be available after Masses.

Making the program even more powerful … your extended family can participate as well, and direct their rebates to you. Some of our families are saving as much as $1,000 an­nually with help from their extended family. This is FREE money! It doesn’t cost anything to participate in the program! You are going to spend money anyway, why not earn rebates at the same time.

Rebates are accrued from January 1st through December 31st. Payouts are made once a year in February to coincide with the tax year. Participants have three options to choose from to redeem rebates earned:

  • Have your rebates credited to your school account to cover tuition/fees.
  • Donate your rebates to the school/parish as a charitable contribution which will be tax-deductible.
  • Take your rebates as a cash payment.

Each participant must have a User Agreement on file with the program coordinator indicating how you want your rebates allocated. If you are a school family, you should fill this out with your online enrollment via Facts. If your extended family is participating in the program click the link below to download a copy to fill out and return to the school office.

RaiseRight Letter and User Agreement (English, Spanish)

Other useful documents:

RaiseRight FAQ (English, Spanish)

RaiseRigth App User Guide (English, Spanish)

If you have questions, contact the school office at 660827.3800 or our program coordinator at scrip@gogremlins.com.

Setting up your RaiseRight App