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From the Principal’s Desk

Wednesday 3/14:

  • Officer Overstreet – Cell Phone and Social Media Safety Presentation – 1pm
  • K of C Monthly Family dinner – 4 to 7pm at the Knights Hall
  • APC Meeting – 5:30pm in the Parish Center
  • Parish Mission (Spanish) @ St. Patrick’s – 7pm


Thursday 3/15:

  • HS Field Trip to Engineering Day @ Mizzou
  • Communal Penance Service (bi-lingual) @ St. Patrick’s – 7pm
  • 3rd quarter Report Cards go home


Friday 3/16:

  • All School Mass – 8:30 am
  • Parish Mission (English) @ St. Patrick’s – 7pm
  • Spring Musical – ‘The Servant of Two Masters’ – 7:30 at the SC JH Auditorium

From the Principal’s Desk

Miércoles 14/3:   


  • Oficial de Vialidad – Presentación sobre seguridad en celulares y Redes Sociales – 1pm
  • Cena familiar mensual de los Caballeros de Colón – 4 a 7pm en el Salón de los Caballeros
  • Junta del Club de Padres Activos (APC)  – 5:30pm en el Centro Parroquial
  • Misión Parroquial (Español) en San Patricio – 7pm



Jueves 15/3:        


  • Viaje Escolar de HS al Día de Ingeniería en Mizzou
  • Servicio de Penitencia Comunitario (bilingue) en San Patricio – 7pm
  • Los reportes de calificaciones del 3er trimestre se enviarán a casa



Viernes 16/3:       


  • Misa con Toda la Escuela – 8:30am
  • Misión Parroquial (Inglés) en San Patricio – 7pm
  • Musical de Primavera – ‘El Sirviente de Dos Maestros’ – 7:30 en el auditorio de SC JH


 Extraordinary Catholic Education. Through Christ. For All.  



All Sacred Heart Schools have administration and faculty that strive through instruction and example to encourage students to imitate Christ, to act justly, and to respond with compassion to their peers, family and communities. This helps to create a community build on trust and love for Christ.



Sacred Heart provides a challenging academic program to prepare students to live in a complex, dynamic and global society. By offering a wholesome learning environment and establishing high expectations for student achievement, we enable students to succeed with their educational goals.



Sacred Heart Schools seeks to assist parents as they nurture their children to develop self-discipline, self confidence, the realization of their personal potential, and a moral conscience to guide them as they prepare for a life beyond the schoolhouse doors.


Clubs & Organizations

Sacred Heart strives to support the wants and needs of not only our student but our parents by offering numerous clubs and organizations. Students can choose from NHS, Jr. NHS, Student Council, Math and Speech Teams. Parents can participate in their child’s academic career by joining the Active Parents Club and Booster Club. |Learn More…

Lunch Menus

Sacred Heart has a closed lunch hour. Students are NOT allowed to have fast food delivered to the school for lunch consumption. Current students can find lunch balance and information on the OptionC account. The account shows payment and purchase history for each student. |Learn More…

Drop Off & Pick Up

Ensuring the safety of its students is a grave responsibility that every school must accept and an endeavor to provide. Sacred Heart School takes this responsibility very seriously. Arrival and dismissal times are situations that require the cooperation of students, parents and the entire community. |Learn More…

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