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We believe that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the educational experience.  The athletic skills developed are actually secondary to the mental, emotional, and social skills that each coach strives to instill in their players.  Athletics teaches us how to compete, while also teaching us how to handle both success and failure with grace and dignity.  In addition, athletics teaches us that through hard work and dedication we can improve ourselves.  Through this same hard work and dedication, we can aspire to challenging goals and achieve them.


No student will be allowed to participate in an activity, athletic event, or practice unless he or she was in attendance for all periods of that school day. The exceptions for this are medical/dental appointments, (Dr.’s note required) and family emergencies. The student or parent is to receive PRIOR administrative approval, from the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Athletic Director, for appointments or family emergencies.

The COVID situation is fluid and will continue to be regularly evaluated, guidelines are subject to change at any time. Please understand we are making decisions to try and ensure our students can meet all their goals whether in the classroom or on the court or field.

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13


Sacred Heart Student-Athletes

  1. At this time, masking is necessary for indoor programs: Volleyball and Basketball. When students are not actively participating, masks should be worn.

  2. Per federal order, masks are required in transit to or from games or school events.

  3. At this time, it is not necessary to screen every athlete daily. Each coach has been provided with a thermometer, students not feeling well should be screened and sent home if they have a fever or symptoms of COVID. Per the CDC recommendations, anything that registers at 100.4 or higher is considered a temperature. If a temperature is registered as high, the administration will be notified.

Sacred Heart and Visiting Spectators

  1. Given the current status, masking is necessary when attending events at Sacred Heart School and social distancing at 3 feet apart. There will be home and visitor seating designation.

Ticketing System

  • For the 21-22 athletic seasons there will be no spectator limitations in place.

Away Games

  • Notifications will be sent out weekly with restrictions for away games.

Season Passes

Season passes are for sale and allowed for the 21-22 athletic seasons.

Live streaming of home games

  1. All Volleyball and Basketball games will be live-streamed to YouTube @ Sacred Heart Gremlin Athletics.

  2. We do have HUDL for all athletics so film exchange is available upon request.

2021-2022 Covid Athletic Guidelines (Download)


Executive order No. 13998 states that masks are required to be worn on all domestic modes of transportation. This mandate includes both public and private school buses or vans. This order applies to private schools because these are conveyances operated for a non-personal, commercial use vehicle.

This is federal law, we as a school do not reserve the right to modify this order.

Warrensburg Route

  • Masks are required to be worn by all riders while boarding and departing the school van or bus and must remain on for the duration of the transit.

Extra-curricular or athletic transportation

  • Masks are required to be worn by all riders while boarding and departing the school van or bus and must remain on for the duration of the transit.
  • If carpooling is the mode of transportation for a sanctioned school or athletic event masks should be worn.

2021-2022 Covid Transportation Guidelines (Download)

Sports Corner

Updates from Athletic Director Amanda Blackburn.

Activities Handbook

Activities Handbook (Spanish)

physical exam is required every two years for students participating in interscholastic athletics.

Sports Physical Form

Participation documents including parent permission, permission waiver, and medical history are required each year.

Parent Permission, Permission waiver, & Medical History

Student and Spectator Conduct Form

MSHSAA Concussion Information Packet

MSHSAA Parents Guide to Concussions

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