Lunch Information


Sacred Heart School has a CLOSED lunch hour, which means students are NOT allowed to bring in fast food or have fast food delivered to the school for lunch consumption. We provide a hot lunch for all students that request it on a daily basis. FACTS Family Portal is used to track all lunch charges and the overall balance for each student’s account.

Lunch Prices & Information for 2023-24

Daycare  $2.65

K-5         $2.65

6-12        $2.90

Adult      $4.00

Milk served with each meal (2% White or Fat-free Chocolate)

Extra milk & juice (morning snack) 55 cents each

The juice is only available for elementary snack time and not lunch to meet dietary regulations.



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*Menu Subject to Change without Notice


Lunch Balances (FACTS) Family Portal

  • Your child’s lunch balance and information can be found in your FACTS PARENT PORTAL.  This will show payments and purchases for each student.
  • Lunches can be paid on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly.
  • A credit is given at the end of the paid lunches if a child does not eat one day.


Free & Reduced Lunch Program

Sacred Heart School is part of the government FREE & REDUCED lunch program.  Please feel free to fill out the form if you think you could qualify.  This is a great program in which the school is reimbursed for the meals and there is no cost or reduced costs to those that qualify.

Free & Reduced Lunch (EnglishSpanish)


The following forms are now part of the online paperless enrollment process. Please login into your family FACTS account to complete these forms.

  • Permission to Charge Snacks Grades 4-12
  • Snack Agreement Form Grades PK-5 Form


If you have any questions – contact the school office at or 660-827-3800.


Menú del Almuerzo

La Escuela del Sagrado Corazón tienen un horario de almuerzo LIMITADO, lo
que significa que los estudiantes NO tienen permitido ir y traer comida
rápida o que se les entregue comida rápida en la escuela para su consumo
en el almuerzo. Diariamente proporcionamos almuerzo caliente a todos los
estudiantes que lo soliciten. Opción C es utilizada para llevar el registro de
los cargos por concepto de almuerzo y el saldo general de la cuenta de cada

Precios del Almuerzo e Información para 2022-2023

guardería $2.65

K-5         $2.65
6-12       $2.90
Adulto      $4.00

Se sirve leche con cada comida (Leche del 2% o Leche con Chocolate Libre
de Grasa)

Leche y jugo adicional (para el snack matutino) 55 centavos cada jugo y
solo está disponible durante el horario del snack de grados de primaria y no
para el almuerzo a fin de cumplir las regulaciones dietéticas.


Si tiene preguntas – contacte a la oficina de la escuela al o 660-827-3800.