Active Parents Club


The Sacred Heart Active Parents Club strives to support the mission of our Sacred Heart School, to nurture the spiritual, emotional, and academic growth of each student, and to help them become productive Christian citizens.  Parents of all children PreK-12 are invited to join Active Parents’ Club. 

2019-2020 Officers

President:           Angela McMullin
Secretary:           Jennifer Cordia          
Treasurer:          Carrie Smith

If you have questions or are ready to get involved contact us today!

Ways to Get Involved!

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Active Parents Club is the Parent – Teacher Organization at Sacred Heart.  We support our school in many ways and are involved in many projects each month.

All About APC!

Let’s celebrate our wonderful Active Parents Club (APC)!

You might find yourself asking “Who is APC?” and “What do they do?”

Here is a quick rundown.  Please take a look because the group is vital to the success of Sacred Heart School!

You should have noticed a manila envelope in your child’s backpack this week from APC. Many of you will have seen APC before, but may not know who, or what APC is. APC stands for Active Parent’s Club, and they are Sacred Heart School’s version of the PTA/O (Parent Teacher Association/Organization).

The APC organization has been supporting the faculty, staff, and students at Sacred Heart for over 30 years, from our daycare all the way through 12th grade.  Many times, when teachers or extra-curricular clubs need something, not in the school budget, APC provides the funds to cover the cost. APC is also the organization working hard to make sure our faculty and staff feel appreciated through lunches, milestone recognition & gifts, and retirement gifts.

Here are just SOME of the things APC has funded in the past and continues to fund each year.

New Intercom System

Security Cameras

Playground surface & equipment

CSW Luncheon, gifts

Art Supplies


Science Supplies

Nurse Supplies


Field Trips

Mystery Science

Band Equipment

Spelling Bee

Totus Tuus

Lego League

PE Equipment (archery, jump boxes, balls, etc.)


Scholar Bowl

Document Cameras

Teacher Lounge Remodel

Religion Books

Musical Scripts


EKG Machine

NEE Teacher Observation

P/T Conference Meals

Scholastic Newsletter


Concert Choreography

  • MORE

This is an impressive list of vital items that the school probably wasn’t going to get without the support of the Active Parents Club.

To continue their work supporting our school, APC needs YOUR HELP!!  They rely on our school families on many levels, to provide input at meetings on what they will fund, to volunteer on committees, and, most importantly, help with fundraising. One of APC’s major fundraisers, accounting for HALF of our yearly budget, is sales of the Sacred Heart Discount Cards, also known as the Win/Win cards.

Each year, APC sends packets home with 10 cards for each Pre-K through 5th-grade family, 10 cards to each student in 6th thru 11th grade, and 25 cards to each 12th-grade student. Their funding counts on each family selling their allotment of discount cards. If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to sell your cards, they respectfully ask you to do one of the following:

  1. send in a donation for the equivalent value of the cards and then you could give them away as gifts

  2. send in a donation and return the unsold cards

  3. return the unsold cards so another family can sell them.

This year the APC distributed 3,600 discount cards. If our school families sold them all it would amount to $18,000 in funds, allowing APC to fund even more to help enhance our children’s education.

Thank you and God Bless you all for your help and support!

Dr. Register