FACTS:  How using FACTS Benefits Parents!

Some of the benefits to using these new features are that you can track your lunch fees, tuition fees, class dues, and other financial information. You may also pre-pay for lunches and other services. You are encouraged to explore the financial section within your Family Portal account. Please note that students do not have access to this financial information.

We encourage you to register as a user for your Family Portal here: https://shs-mo.client.renweb.com/pwr/

If you have any questions please contact Jessica Pyle, Finance Director at jpyle@gogremlins.com

A benefit to using FACTS is that each parent and student (6th grade and older) may have their own login. If you do not have your own login please contact the office at office@gogremlins.com

Students are able to view only their information:

  • Assignments, Missing Assignments, Grades, and their Attendance

Parents are able to view all information for each student in their family:

  • Assignments, Missing Assignments, Grades, Attendance, Financial, and Update Contact Information

All families are asked to have a FACTS account with updated contact information. This is the main communications portal for all school families. If you do not have your own login please contact the office at office@gogremlins.com.