Sign Up for the Sacred Heart State Fair Grandstands

The State Fair is back and has a great lineup of concerts and events that will be taking place this year!  Parishioners Jorge ’03 & Megan Guevara, the grandstand concession stand operators, are inviting us once more to work at the concession stands during the Missouri State Fair. With your help, we raised approximately $30,000 in two years to benefit SHS! Sign up by July 31 to receive free admission into the fair. Working at the fair can be a lot of FUN and a GREAT way to work alongside new and familiar faces (and earn service hours). Anyone 12 years or older is encouraged to join us. It’s a wonderful way to kick off our school year!

Each person who signs up by July 31 will receive a free admission ticket to the State Fair!

Click here to work the 2021 State Fair Grandstand!