Team Communications, Schedules, and Field Locations

March 5, 2021

This week in the sports corner, as promised, we will talk about two hot topics!

How do I say in the loop for team communication?

We are trying hard to work on improved and streamlined processes for communication. Each coach should have an approved app that they are using for communication with the team and/or parents.

  • TRACK – is using an app called “Remind”

  • BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, GOLF – These 3 programs have volunteered to pilot our new program that we hope to move to as our universal athletic communication app- they will be utilizing the all new HUDL. Please be patient with them as I am working on getting everyone set up to be active in the app this week.

  • TENNIS CLUB – We are not currently using a communication app,  please contact Coach Henke at with any questions.

Where do I find schedules and field locations?

There are several resources available for finding schedules and locations.

  • The athletics schedules can be found on MSHSAA, you can get there from the athletic page on the Sacred Heart School athletics page or use this link: on here you will select “sports & activities” from the top menu bar, here you can select the High School or Junior High activity that applies to you.

  • The school calendar is a one spot resource for all events. Here is the calendar link: here view the calendar with all events or click the event you would like to view just that calendar:

If you click on a specific scheduled event you can view additional details about locations if applicable.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime at or 660-827-2800.

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