Donate to the Royal Flush Fund! Matching gift increased to $12,500!!!

Incredible news coming from John Herring, Class of 1962. He writes:

“Next year will be my 60th graduation anniversary! That is momentous. I recall the stinky, ugly bathrooms we had to use while in high school. Well guess what – they are still there, just 59 years older! Sacred Heart needs some renovated bathrooms!

The school foundation can come up with $50,000, but another $25,000 is needed to complete the task.

Here’s a challenge: I will match your donations up to a total of $12, 500 for bathroom renovation. No, I haven’t won Powerball, but I feel Sacred Heart got me off to a good start in life. Let’s get that $25,000 the school still needs.”

Donate to the “flush fund” here.

Understanding that facility improvements are a critical part of tooting our school horn, our SHS Foundation has committed up to $50,000 toward this much-needed $75,000 project. (Check out this video to see more.) With your help, every inch of the four current facilities will be smelling like roses when we’re done. Plans are to begin the project in June. Thank you for your help in making this #1 wish list a reality! Questions? Contact Mrs. Liz Van Leer, Development Director, at