Sacred Heart students focused on praying during Catholic Schools Week!

It was an honor and privilege to pray with our School Community each day of Catholic Schools Week.  Our students offered up their prayers for many in our community including our friends and benefactors. A spiritual bouquet was sent to many of them to let them know they were kept in prayers all week!

Here are some of the ways we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. 

Monday, our students heard about the importance of feeding the hungry and how we do that at Open Door. We prayed from the Gospel of Matthew when we feed the hungry, we feed Jesus. (LINK)

Tuesday, we came back to the gym, had our picture from the Joseph Shrine in the Commons, and prayed a litany to St. Joseph since we are in the Year of St Joseph as declared by Pope Francis. (LINK)

Wednesday, we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It was so beautiful as Mr. Hartman continued to play the piano more and more softly until he wasn’t playing at all and the whole gym was chanting the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Inspiring! (LINK)

Thursday, Mrs. McDonald brought several students onto the gym floor as each of them lead us in prayer for each bead of the Luminous Mysteries of the Living Rosary. Very well done, young students! (LINK)

Friday, we celebrated our most important prayer, Mass with the entire student body in the gym (for social distancing purposes.) (LINK)