Lights! Camera! Homecoming 2021!

Winter Homecoming  is February 2021

Student Council is thrilled to be rolling out the red carpet for our Sacred Heart Gremlins. The theme is Sacred Heart Hollywood Homecoming

  • This is the biggest week(s) of the year to show your Gremlin Pride. 
  • All high school students are encouraged to dress up for the theme days. This counts as 25% of the overall winning of the spirit stick which earns you a day off school. Students are asked to be dressed in theme all-day. If you change out of your theme outfit then you MUST be in uniform and your class may lose points. Judging can happen at any hour of the school day. You need to be wearing at least four items that represent the theme.
  • If you have questions about Winter Homecoming please ask Mrs. Howell, Caten, Kaytlin, Kelsey, Claire, Hayden, or any member of the Student Council.


Rules for Dress-Up Days (Grades 9-12)

  1. Each person must have FOUR items in order to be counted. REMEMBER that on Red/White day, a red/white item is counted as one.  For example, a white T-shirt with red lettering is counted as one item.
  2. Please remember that no printed T-shirts may be vulgar or offensive.
  3. The class with the largest percentage of people dressed up determines each day’s winner.
  4. If a tie exists it will be broken based on class spirit, originality, and enthusiasm.
  5. If a tie still exists, Red/White day will be used to break the tie.
  6. Students that do not participate in Spirit Week must remain in the school uniform and follow the dress code.
  7. Students participating in Spirit Week must remain in their costumes the entire day!

Note for faculty: Judging may happen at different hours in the school day. If you have a test or activity that should not be interrupted please notify Mrs. Howell. 

Friday, February 12: Red and White Day

  • Congratulations to Kaytlin Kempf, 2021 Winter Homecoming Queen
  • Theme Dress Winners (in order by place)
    1. Seniors
    2. Freshman
    3. Juniors
    4. Sophomores

Monday, February 15: No School

Tuesday, February 16: No School 

Wednesday, February 17: No School 

Thursday, February 18: No School 

  • JH Girls and Boys Basketball @ Sacred Heart games begin at 5pm
  • HS Girls Basketball vs. Windsor @ Sacred Heart 
    • Gremlin Student Store Open
    • Senior Night and Senior Teacher Appreciation Night at the basketball game. 
    • We hope that you can come to the game. If you need a ticket or have questions about tickets please contact the office or Mrs. Blackburn.


Friday, February 19: (Rescheduled Homecoming Activities)

  • Theme: Celebrity Off Duty
  • High school boys basketball game in Windsor.


Monday, February 22: (Rescheduled Homecoming Activities)

  • Theme: Eras of Hollywood (Grades 9-12)
    • Seniors – 70s
    • Juniors – 2000s
    • Sophomores – 90s
    • Freshman – 80s 
    • Faculty – 50’s


Tuesday, February 23:


Wednesday, February 24:


Thursday, February 25: (Rescheduled Homecoming Activities)

  • Theme: Movie Genre
    • Seniors – Fantasy
    • Juniors – Children’s
    • Sophomores – Comedy
    • Freshman – SciFi 
    • Faculty – ????


Friday, February 26: 

  • Spirit Stick Winner Announced @ Lunch