Thank You for Your Donations

A big thank you to everyone who donated canned goods in support of our annual food drive to benefit Open Door. This morning 7,272 pounds of food was delivered to Open Door Ministries. That’s 72% more this year than in 2019! All food stays local to support our neighbors in need. Thank you!
  • Little Grems, PK, Kinders – 8th Grade: 907 pounds
  • Freshman Class: 1,482 pounds
  • Sophomore Class: 422 pounds
  • Junior Class: 367 pounds
  • Senior Class: 4,094 pounds
This is double what the entire school community donated in 2019. Way to go, Class of 2021.
Each year the high school classes compete to win the Spirit Stick which earns that class a day off of school. Based on the first three competitions here are the current results.
  • Seniors
  • Freshman
  • Juniors
  • Sophomores
The final two areas of competition to determine the winner are the Winter Homecoming Spirit Dress-Up Days and Gremlin Olympics. The winner of the spirit stick will be announced at Winter Homecoming Coronation on Friday, February 12, 2021.