Class Dues for High School

We have had a few questions about class dues for high school students, most specifically, “What are they? and What are they used for?”   I will try to clarify that here.

At Sacred Heart High School each student is assessed class dues of $100 per year that they are enrolled.  The money is used for class activities like homecoming competitions, etc.  More importantly, the class dues help support Prom (sponsored during junior year) and the senior mission trip.

We strongly encourage parents to have their child earn the money for these dues and pay them on their own but that is, of course, up to each individual family.  The class dues obligation goes a long way towards alleviating fundraising activities for the classes.

In another measure to assist students to be able to finance their various activities without additional fundraising, the APC begins paying back a portion of Discount Card sales beginning in the 6th grade.  For each card sold (beginning in the 6th grade, the APC makes a donation to the student’s class account on a percentage basis.

That percentage increases as the students grow older.  Senior year 80% of the profit generated by senior Discount Card sales actually goes back to the class.  Consequently, seniors have a quota of 25 cards.  They can opt-out of all or part of this obligation and pay the difference at $4 per card if they choose.

We have found over the years, that our parents are very appreciative of the fact that, while these measures do not completely alleviate the need to fundraise for Prom and Mission Trip, it most certainly eases it!

If you have more questions about the Class Dues concept at Sacred Heart High School please feel free to call me at the school to discuss it.  I always look forward to visiting with you!        Dr. Register