21 Card Salute Thank You!

“Thank you so much to all those who sent us letters of encouragement, celebration and prayer. It really does mean a lot to know how deeply our community cares,” said Joseph Henke, Class of 2020.

A 21-card salute was organized to celebrate the 21 Sacred Heart seniors in the class of 2020. Parents, students, alumni, and parishioners were encouraged to send cards to the school. It was an outpouring of love and generosity from the community. Each seniors received around 70 cards that were presented to them at a parade in their honor.

“The best part of the event for me was being able to see the seniors make that loop around the parking lot. It felt like a ceremony and a closing of this chapter in their life,” commented Ryane City, Sacred Heart Office Manager. “I loved seeing their smiling faces especially through all of this unknown. Our kids were able to smile and be proud that day.”

The event was created as a way to celebrate our Seniors within the guidelines that we were giving for the pandemic. Father Joe Corel and Dr. Mark Register wanted to make them feel special and to let them know that people do care about what they are going through during this time.
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