SHS Student Council Makes Donation to Bothwell Regional Health Center 

STUCO Officers pictured with the (BRHC) Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Team: Kathy Woolery, BRHC; Melanie Davis, BRHC; Rose McMullin ‘84, Chief Nursing Officer; Maia Smith ‘20, STUCO president; MacKenzie Hoffman, BRHC; Rockie Werneke, BRHC; and Summer Caton’20, STUCO treasurer

The Sacred Heart School Student Council (STUCO) presented $1,400 to the Bothwell Regional Health Care (BRHC) Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Center on Thursday. Funds were raised by STUCO for the past two years through bake sales and dress down days.

“Being in quarantine has made me realize that acts of service, no matter how big or small really do make a difference in your community and even to individual people,” said STUCO president, Maia Smith, who was on hand for the check presentation. “I feel like now, more than ever, people and businesses are coming together to collect and donate supplies or make masks. There has been so much appreciation for our hard-working heroes in the medical field and they deserve so much more. I’m grateful for all they do for us.”

Summer Caton, STUCO treasurer also represented SHS at the ceremony.

“Service is important to me because it reflects Christ in us,” said Caton. “It shows us performing stewardly tasks that enlighten the lives of others. Fundraising for BRHC Cardiac Center is an important cause for STUCO because it is an area in our community that everyone may use at one time or another. You never know when someone may face a critical cardiac-related issue, and BRHC’s Cardiac Center will be available to assist the patient in the best way possible.”

Rose McMullin ’84, Bothwell Regional Health Center Chief Nursing Officer was on-hand to accept the check on behalf of the rehab team.

“I want to thank the students from SHS for their generous donation to the cardiac and pulmonary rehab unit,” said McMullin. “The funds will be used to purchase new equipment to help our patients improve their health. The donation is a valuable service to community. It’s great to see young people take such a interest in improving their community.”