Physical Education Class in  Virtual World!

Coach Crooker & Coach Goodwin have been participating in the Distance Learning process.  While this has been something new for all of us, PE has had some unique challenges!

The coaches are very appreciative of the cooperation and effort they have received from teachers, parents, and students in order to make this work out as well as it has.  Coach Crooker and Coach Goodwin both indicate that they miss seeing the students in person on a daily basis.  They have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of the students doing the workouts though.

The coaches encourage the kids to keep a positive attitude as we close out the year.  They look forward to getting back into the gym and weight room for live workouts.  In the meantime, Coach Crooker and Coach Goodwin want to say thank you for the dedication students and parents have shown.

We are all in this together!