6th Grade Virtual Vocation Day

Sixth Grade Vocation Day is a day where all (600+) 6th graders from the Jefferson City Diocese come together to celebrate their vocation and what God wants us to do in our lives.  What gifts, skills, talents can you celebrate today? The sixth-grade religion teachers, Ms. Messina and Mrs. Kennon hosted a virtual vocation day with Fr. Joe and Fr. Dave and all of the Sacred Heart sixth-graders.  “We could ALL be together, but apart and experience this day virtually,” said Mrs. Kennon.

“When Fr Dave and I were asked to present to the 6th graders on vocations the day 6th graders traditionally go to the Cathedral of St Joseph in Jefferson City for their Vocation Day, I was sad they were going to miss that and happy to be able to say a few words to them about vocations.  We had a great conversation about how their career choice should fulfill the gifts and talents God placed within them and that we need to hear the question, “What did God create you to become and how does he want you to live your life?” when people ask us “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

God answers the question for us as Fr Dave says.  We simply have to agree to accept the invitation to what we are called to be as Mary, Mother of Jesus did perfectly, or to reject it. It is great talking about vocations with students and people of all ages because discovering and living out our vocation is the answer to finding the most amount of joy and happiness in this life and when lived properly, entering into eternal life. When we pray for vocations, let us remember our students at Sacred Heart School and in our parish by name that the Lord may be calling to the priesthood and religious life,” remarked Fr Joe.