High School Math Team – Top School

The high school math team traveled to the Cole Camp Math Contest this past Saturday, February 29, 2020 and came away with the trophy as top school in the small school division.  Here is a reporting of complete results:

Top School Awards:

1st Place – Sacred Heart

2nd place – Stover

3rd place – LaMonte

Top Student Awards:

2nd Top Freshman – Kate Carney

3rd Top Junior – Kelsey Hudson

1st Top Senior – Joseph Henke

3rd Top Senior – Cody Damlo

Team Awards:

The Freshman Team consisting of Jordan Hill, Jaden Velando, and Kate Carney took 2nd place.

The Junior Team comprised of Megan Wingerter, Amelia Schott, and Kelsey Hudson took 3rd.

The Senior Team comprised of Cody Damlo and Joseph Henke took 1st.

The Mixed Team comprised of juniors Kaleb Woolery, Jefferey Hollabaugh, Tania Bhardwaj, and Yuki Miuri took 3rd.

Individual Awards:

Sr. Joseph Henke: 1st in word problems, 5th in algebra 12, 1st in trigonometry, and 1st in science

Sr. Cody Damlo: 1st in calculus, 4th in algebra 12, 3rd in trigonometry, and 4th in hodge podge

Jr. Megan Wingerter: 5th in word problems, 3rd in hodge podge

Jr. Kelsey Hudson: 1st in algebra 11 and 1st in analytic geometry

Jr. Amelia Schott: 5th in analytic geometry

Jr. Jeffrey Hollabaugh: 2nd in algebra open

Jr. Kaleb Woolery: 4th in algebra 11

Jr. Tania Bhardwaj: 5th in trigonometry

Soph Claire Smeltzer: 4th in algebra 10 and 5th in mental math

Soph Natalie Walker: 3rd in algebra 10

Fr. Kate Carney: 1st in word problems and 1st in mental math

Fr. Jaden Velando: 4th in algebra 9 and 4th in mental math

The Math Team, coached by Mrs. Elyse Starke, is now gearing up for the Kaysinger Conference Math Contest coming up on Tuesday, March 10.

Well Done Gremlins!