Student Council

Welcome to Sacred Heart School. The Student Council (STUCO) is proud to serve, lead, and inspire the student body. We plan our homecoming events, Thanksgiving food drive, high school activities, honor our veterans, celebrate high school student birthdays, and operate the Gremlin Student Store and Cafe. 

STUCO is the student body leadership for high school students. All class presidents, class vice-presidents, and two class STUCO representatives are a member led by the STUCO President, STUCO Vice-President, STUCO Secretary, and STUCO Treasurer/Promotions. Show your school spirit and wear red and white!


All students in grades 9-12 are granted a free paid dress-down day plus a $5 gift certificate to the Gremlin Student Store and Cafe to celebrate their birthday at Sacred Heart. This is just one of the many ways that STUCO rewards our student body.


Celebrating our school pride is one of the many great things about being a Gremlin. STUCO hosts an annual theme night at a volleyball game. All students are encouraged to participate and come out to the game to support our team. Homecoming would not be complete without a pep rally. This event is open to all students at Sacred Heart. High school students show their love for Sacred Heart by wearing red and white the day of the big game. At the game, STUCO sponsors the coronation and crowning of the fall homecoming queen. It is a great time to be a Gremlin!


We appreciate all those who have attended Sacred Heart and served our country. In our school cafeteria, we have a plaque to honor each former student that has served in the military. STUCO also hosts an assembly on Veteran’s Day.


Giving back to our community is an integral part of our school and faith. Each year before Thanksgiving we have a school-wide food drive to gather canned goods and bottled water for our local food pantry, Open Door. The high school classes compete to see which class can be the most generous in their giving. 


A week of theme-based dress-up days is part of the ongoing tradition at Sacred Heart. Gremlin Olympics is a fun event where each of the high school classes competes at trivia and in a dodgeball tournament. All School Mass, Red and White Day, and an All-School pep rally wrap up a week full of festivities. At the game, STUCO sponsors the coronation and crowning of the winter homecoming queen.


Gremlins love getting together to have some fun! STUCO hosts movie nights, theme nights, and other activities to help build lifelong friendships for our high school students. 


The coveted Sacred Heart spirit stick is awarded at Winter Homecoming. The high school class which earns the spirit stick is granted a day off of school. 


Aspiring to be a high achiever with good grades is a big part of being a Gremlin. STUCO recognizes students for their great grades by celebrating their accomplishments of being on the “A” or “B” honor roll with a locker magnet at the end of every quarter. 


Gremlin Gear, Gremlin Spirit Wear, Gremlin Merchandise, and Gently Used Uniforms are all available. Pre-Sales are offered 3-5 times each year. This is a great opportunity to purchase new items to show your school pride. We do not carry all of these items in the store.  Pre-ordering is the best option.

The store is open during all regular school hours, after school, at some events, and by appointment ( We have a variety of Gremlin items available to purchase. We also have gently used uniforms that are only $5 each or buy one, get one free. We are located off of the commons between the McGremlin and Hoying Gyms. 


Snacks and drinks may be purchased daily. We are open before school from 7:30-7:45am and after school from 3-3:20pm. 


We invite you to come explore the Gremlin Student Store and Cafe, attend sporting events, and be an active member of the Sacred Heart School. Help us to Lead – Serve – Inspire. We love Stewardship!

Go Gremlins! 


Kiley, President

Ian, Vice-President

Arly, Secretary

Jaden, Treasurer


Nikki Howell, Advisor

Jane McMullin, Advisor

Amanda Blackburn, Advisor