SHS High School Choir on KOMU and Mid-Missouri CW

You have to take a few minutes to HEAR and SEE how amazing our HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR sounds and looks, thanks to Mr. Hartman and the hard work of our High School Choir.  They are absolutely amazing!

Several weeks ago, the High School Choir traveled to Columbia, MO to be recorded for airing on KOMU and  MidMissouri CW during the Holiday season.  You can watch our students NOW using the link above – – or you might catch them being aired on KOMU and Mid-Missouri CW during the Holidays!

Keep in mind, this High School Choir & JH Choir will be performing 10-15 more times in the next few weeks!  Thank you, parents, for being supportive and please let the students know how great they are doing and offer Mr. Hartman caffeine, snacks, and appreciation whenever you see him.  Tis the SEASON!