Gremlins Take First at the Momberg

Team #1: Joseph Henke, Hunter Deresinski, Dallin Chappell
Team #2: Madison Hayden, Allison Ferguson, Kelsey Hudson


The Sacred Heart Gremlins captured first place at the prestigious Momberg Science and Math Competition at Central Methodist University.  Competing against twenty-eight other teams, the Sacred Heart Team of Joseph Henke, Hunter Deresinski, and Dallin Chappell, captured first in both the Knowledge and Performance Events.
The students competed first in the Knowledge Event which required them to answer questions in calculus, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, biology, and anatomy.  The SH team then took first place in the Performance Event, which required the student to design, build, and fly a straw hoop glider.
The Sacred Heart students were each awarded a $1,000.00 renewable scholarship to attend Central Methodist University.  This win signified a momentous accomplishment for these students.  The competition was fierce, with multiple large schools fielding teams of brilliant young minds.  The winning team credited their current classes in chemistry and physics with supplying them with the knowledge to answer multiple questions correctly.  Physics is taught by Mrs. Kara Hill and chemistry is taught by Mr. Jim Gumbel at Sacred Heart.