VIRTUS – – – Please take a close look at the message below from Fr. Corel

At Sacred Heart School, a vital ministry of St Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, we strive to make the experience for children the very best that it can be.  Our focus is to help you form them into who God has created them to become. It takes a dedicated team of adults bringing out the very best in our children.

For several years the Diocese of Jefferson City has mandated that all paid and volunteer adults who work with minors (anyone under 18 years old and 18-year-olds in high school programs) be compliant with the “Safe Environment” program. This applies to field trip chaperones, coaches and sponsors, room parents, etc.

If you are not already compliant, we urge you to contact Dee Snurr at or call the St Patrick’s office, 660-826-2062 or contact Liz Kehl at the school office.  In addition, please feel free to contact Dee or Liz if you have questions about this program or process.

The fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year is a “grace period” to educate everyone who

desires to work with our school and/or parish children in any capacity. After January 1, 2020, only those who are “Safe Environment Compliant” will be able to volunteer for any task that involves our children at the school and/or parish.  Thank you!