Contemporary Praise Concert on Sunday, 11/17

We have been blessed with a great opportunity!  Due to a cancellation in their schedule, we have an opportunity to have the Mette Family Ministries come to our parish on Sunday evening, Nov 17.  This is music and prayer, interspersed with a few secular songs, for specific reasons.  It would be held in the gym starting at 6PM.

What can your family expect out of the evening if you choose to come?

This is a musical experience for all ages.  Younger children love the upbeat music and lights. Tweens and Teens are drawn to the speaking and testimony of Gabriella (15), Trinity (14), Charity (12), & Cecilia (10). Young adults enjoy the powerful praise & worship music. Older adults enjoy an experience they can share with their own children and grandchildren and are excited to see a vibrant future for the church.

The concert is FREE for all who attend.  The Mette Family operates on a “free will offering,’ which is taken up at the end of the concert.

Please see  their website ( for more information.