2019 Blessing of the Pets

Kindergartener, Allison grins as she snuggles her dog, Annie.

Sacred Heart School was off to a wild start on Friday, October 4th as students from PreK through 5th, brought in their pets of all shapes and sizes. Animals, parents, and kids gathered in the gym for a special blessing ceremony, honoring Saint Francis of Assisi who is known for his love of all creatures. Students unable to bring their pets brought in pictures or even drawings, which included cats, dogs, horses, chickens, bunnies and others.

This year’s ceremony is one of the lucky times that Sacred Heart’s Blessing of the Pets was held on the actual feast day honoring Saint Francis of Assisi. This year’s celebration was led by Deacon Arvol Bartok and Dr. Jim Davis, former Assistant Principal.


Written by Maia Smith, 2020 Senior at Sacred Heart School
Photos provided by the Sacred Heart Yearbook Staff