SHS Hall of Fame Spotlight

Jan Bahner & Cast & Crew of Godspell
This issue of From the Heart casts the spotlight back on the cast and crew of ‘Godspell’.
Here’s an excerpt from the Hall of Fame application submitted by David Esser ’69:
William Bennett, former US Secretary of Education said, “Music, dance, painting, and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.” Mrs. Bahner and the cast and crew of ‘Godspell’ illustrated that sentiment in 1998 and continue to do so throughout their lives.
Under the direction of Mrs. Bahner, ‘Godspell’ was the first musical in decades performed at Sacred Heart and revived a tradition of successful, entertaining musicals at the school.
Mrs. Bahner has worked at Sacred Heart for more than 40 years as an English teacher, theatre director, and speech and debate coach. Multiple students from the production went on to work in fields dedicated to performing arts from drama and speech and theatre teachers to sports announcing, representing the value of the experience of performing in theatre at Sacred Heart.

Aric Bremer ’99, who played the role of Jesus, came “home” in May to welcome our 2019 graduates into our Alumni Association. We were able to sit down with him to hear about his personal experiences and his favorite memories at SHS. Little did he know at the time of filming that the cast and crew of ‘Godspell’ was named as a 2019 Sacred Heart School Hall of Fame Inductee! Watch the video!


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