2019 Annual Fund Drive Update

Goal of $200,000 by November

Jesus is the way. He never said the way would be easy, but it is worth it! That’s certainly evident throughout Sacred Heart School’s 137-year history.

The social revolution of the 1970’s cast doubt among the faithful on the value of Catholic education. When other Catholic schools around the country were closing, our community doubled down to protect and enhance quality, Catholic education.

One such way was the formation of the Sacred Heart School Foundation. Established in 1979, and led by founding members Fr. Vince Hoying, Don Miller, Bill Register, and Art Borgmeyer, the sole mission of the foundation was to generate private support for the long- term growth and sustainability of Sacred Heart School.

Forty years later, the Sacred Heart School Foundation still serves to make a priceless extraordinary Catholic education affordable for families in need.

Would you be a guardian angel for our youth and for Catholic education by investing in our Sacred Heart School Foundation Annual Fund Drive?

Our Annual Fund Drive is a significant way to help families who strongly desire a Catholic education, but need help to do so. Each year, Drive proceeds are equally divided between immediate school family financial aid needs and diversified investments for future disbursal to the school (5% of the corpus annually). To date, the Foundation has given well over $3.4 million in support of our beloved school.

Our 2019 Annual Fund Drive is the school’s foremost revenue-generating event. Our goal is $200,000 by November. You can make your gift today by donating online at www.gogremlins.com/donate.

For more information about our Foundation, our Annual Fund Drive or planned giving, please contact us.

Together in Christ, we can accomplish the goal.

The SHS Foundation Board

Beverly Rollings, President
(660) 620-6841 / beverly@rollingsarchitects.com

Kyle Herrick ’82, Vice President
(660) 620-7092 / kyleherrick@bryantmotorco.com

Bill Turner, Secretary
(660) 620-6225 / riverturner01@gmail.com

Paul Beykirch ’73, Investment Committee Chair
(660) 596-1800 / paul.beykirch@countydistributing.com

Stephani Marshall-Rice
(660) 473-1486 / stephani.marshall@partners.mcd.com

Steve Ellebracht
(989) 948-1930 / srellebracht@yahoo.com

Joe Fischer
(660) 620-6912 / jfischer@taraindustriesus.com

Jorge Guevara ’03
(660) 596-1615 / jrguevara@guesa.com

Virgil McDonald
(660) 281-6133 / virgil.mcdonald@edwardjones.com

Mark Register ’75, SHS administrator, ex officio member
(660) 827-3800 / mregister@gogremlins.com

Fr. Joe Corel, pastor, ex officio member

Fr. Dave Veit, pastor, ex officio member

Liz Van Leer, Director of Development
(660) 827-3800 / shfoundation@gogremlins.com