Sacred Heart Student Pick-up Policy

 From the desk of Mr. Jones:


  • High school students that drive will be dismissed at 2:45 p.m. and are to leave the school grounds as soon as possible to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Parents of elementary-only students will use the pick-up lane on 3rd street. Please pull up in line and wait for your child to be brought out in front of the colored traffic cones. Please pull up bumper-to-bumper in order to allow for as many cars as possible to enter the line. Please do not block the police station driveway. When your family is safely seated in your vehicle please exit the pick-up lane in a safe manner.  TIP! It’s a new school year and we need help pairing your vehicle with your child. Placing a paper with your child’s last name on your car window expedites the pick-up process.
  • High school drivers that are picking up a younger student (Grades K-5) will need to get their sibling from the Main Gym then exit to the back parking lot.
  • Walkers will be dismissed from Mr. Hartman’s Room after all vehicle traffic has cleared.  A signed permission slip must be on file at the office stating that your children have permission to walk home (or other destination).  If a student walks on an infrequent basis the office must be notified each time so they may be added to the daily walker list.
  • If for some reason you feel the need to come in the building, please pick up your child in the pick-up line and park your car away from the pick-up line and come to the front door. We ask that no parent is in the building to pick up a child, please use the pick-up line only.
  • K-5 Students that are left in the Main Gym will be taken to the office area to wait for a parent to be picked up.  At 3:20 p.m. students left at the office will be escorted to After Care.  After-Care charges will have to be discussed with Mrs. Smothers.  Students can not be left in the building/gym unsupervised.
  • If you ONLY have a JH or HS student please arrange to pick them up on on Wilkerson Street (behind school). They are responsible to exit the Hoying gym to get to your car. This pick-up will be supervised by Mrs. Morrow. Students in grades 6-12 are allowed to first pick up their younger siblings in the Main Gym before meeting their ride on Wilkerson Street.