Pep Band

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“I love playing my saxophone because it is something different and is a unique talent to have. Being able to play music gives you a new appreciation of the art. Making sense out of dots and lines is a pretty cool talent,” said Junior, Maia Smith.

Playing with heart, these students will blow you away with their powerful sound and enthusiasm.

Sophomore percussionist, Jose Angel stated, “My favorite part of Band is playing as a group because without every member, it would sound different.”

“Learning a new song gets me pumped, even though it is difficult to do at first. The more I practice, the easier it gets and the better I become at playing the song,” said 8th Grader, Jaden Velando.

Students choose to play instruments in the band for many different reasons.

“Playing the saxophone is really fun and I think it would be a good instrument to play as I get older,” commented 8th Grader, Caitlin Carrico.

Band Director

“It is my privilege to instruct band classes at Sacred Heart. There are SO many talented students, it makes my ‘job’ easy. Many would never guess they only have opportunity to meet twice a week!” said Band Director, Nancy Edwards.

2018-19 Pep Band