Fall School Athletes

A few important events are coming up for the families of student-athletes entering grades 7-12.

Saturday, August 3 thru Sunday, August 11 (at 5pm)

Sacred Heart’s MSHSAA mandated Dead Period. During this time the only permissible contact with a school coach is weights and speed and agility.

Sunday, August 11 at 5pm

Free athletic physicals provided at the school. Parents need to be present or complete this form prior to their student-athlete arriving for their physical.  The form has several parts. Parts 1-4 are to be signed by student and parent.

  1. The Medical History Form to be completed by a parent.
  2.  Consent to treat, in case of emergency, and permission to participate.
  3. Consent that enables MSHSAA to use the student-athletes likeness and athletic-related information.
  4. Acknowledge that you have been given access to Concussion Materials,  and will inform the school of all injuries and illnesses, including symptoms of a CONCUSSION.
  5.  The Physical Exam Form to be completed by a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. 2019 MSHSAA Pre-participation Physical Form.

Sunday, August 11 at 6pm

Team meeting, with players, coaches and PARENTS, in Main Gym for Fall sports.

Monday, August 12

First practice for High School Teams.

  • Soccer at 7am @ Clover Dell
  • Volleyball at 8am, in Main Gym
  • Golf at 4pm @ Sedalia Country Club
  • Football at 5:30pm @ Northwest High School Hughesville

Thursday, August 15

High School pictures are tentatively set. Details pending.

Monday, August 19

First practice for 7th & 8th Grade Teams.


Thank You!

Coach Fall