SHS goes 8 for 8 including Best of Show at art contest

From Left: 8th grader Laura Granados, 2nd in Color Pencil; 8th grader Mariana Restrepo, first in Mixed Media and Best of Show; 8th grader Emma Siron, 3rd in Color Pencil; 7th grader Luke Jenkins, 2nd in Graphite; 7th grader Jackson Manning, 3rd in Graphite; 8th grader Leo Alvarez, 1st in Color Pencil; and 8th grader Miguel Alejo, 3rd in Pastels; and 7th grader Olivia Dobson, 2nd in Mixed Media


Eight Junior High Art Students participated and placed in the annual Diocesan Art Contest on Tuesday, April 16 at Arrow Rock. Mariana Restrepo earned a first place ribbon in Mixed Media and Best of Show.

Mariana Restrepo earned first place in Mixed Media and Best of Show at the annual Diocesan Art Contest.


The team is under the direction of SHS art instructor Mary Kehl.