Scholar Bowl Team

The Sacred Heart High School started its very own Scholar Bowl Team also known as the Academics Team. The members of this team attend different meets to compete by testing their knowledge of topics from how to split an atom to.who won the 1983 World Series. The  members of this team are exceptional, if you like a challenge, and want to test your knowledge, this team is definitely for you!


“Scholar Bowl is a fun way to test our knowledge and have fun with your friends,” commented Sacred Heart Junior, Hunter Deresinski.


The Scholar Bowl Team had an impressive start during its inaugural season.  The outlook for the 2019-2020 season is quite positive.


“I like Scholar Bowl because of the competitive nature and that we get to have fun as friends. I also love getting to test my knowledge,” noted Sacred Heart Junior, Cody Damlo.    

2018-2019 Scholar Bowl Team


  • Cody Damlo, Sacred Heart Junior
  • Joseph Henke, Sacred Heart Junior
  • Hunter Deresinski, Sacred Heart Junior
  • Magen Wingerter, Sacred Heart Sophomore
  • Tonia Bhardwaj, Sacred Heart Sophomore
  • Kelsey Hudson, Sacred Heart Sophomore
  • Amelia Schott, Sacred Heart Sophomore
  • Hayden Altena, Sacred Heart Sophomore




  • Ms. Gloria Close


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Written by Sacred Heart Class of 2020 Junior, Evan Spilker