Sacred Heart High School Math Team

This is the 2018 Math team, the most recent team to win in the Kaysinger Conference.

Ten years, ten conference championships.

The Sacred Heart Math Team is looking for it’s eleventh title in a row this year.

“Math Team is a great and fun activity for all grades, It is such a good thing because students can meet new people and help the team win; come join the team in competitions on the quest to wins and championships!” said Joseph Henke Sacred Heart Junior.    

Recruitment/ How to Join:

The Math Team is looking for new brilliant young minds to help on it’s journey to another award-winning year.

  • The High School Team is open to grades 9-12.
  • Any student can join the math team; the only requirement is he/she must be committed, hardworking, and love math!
  • The team competes in math relays with a group of five in a competition to solve a problem in the fastest time.
  • Donuts are provided at morning meetings.


“The math team can attribute so much of their success to Mr. Bahner, who has led the math team to win conference the last ten years,” commented math team member Hunter Deresinski.