2019 Teacher of the Year

We may be off-key, but we enthusiastically sing the praises of Mr. Darrin Hartman, our 2019 Teacher of the Year! The award was presented following the Catholic Schools Week all-school Mass.

“Extraordinarily talented” and “gifted” have become Mr. Hartman’s middle name. One of his most remarkable skills is his knack of being able to draw from his own natural talents and abilities to bring out the best in even the most reluctant student.

Mr. Hartman has an innate way of seeing the potential in a student. He often stands out due to his soft-spoken demeanor and the high expectations that he demands. Students are inspired to deliver and they do.

Sacred Heart arguably has the best program it has ever had under the six-year guidance of Mr. Hartman. He inspires students to a level where they can shine brighter and compete against any program in the state.

Additional evidence of his success can be measured by the exponential growth of the program, enthusiasm from the students, and – a personal favorite – the number of captivated adults, their only movement the tapping of their feet.

Prior to winning the award, Mr. Hartman had worked tirelessly to prepare the Sacred Heart high school choir for their big month of December events beginning with the Crown Center performance, and the downtown event, where he received many compliments about the choir and their sound. For years, Mr. Hartman has been a member of our amazing faculty here at Sacred Heart and our students do not plan on him leaving anytime soon. We would like to congratulate Mr. Darrin Hartman on his award for teacher of the year and a job well done.  


Candidates eligible for teacher of the year must demonstrate:

  1. The teacher must have at least six years of teaching experience at Sacred Heart Elementary or High School.
  2. The teacher must receive an overall above average evaluation on classroom teaching.
  3. The teacher must be involved in extracurricular school, parish, and/or community.
  4. The teacher must project a positive school spirit.
  5.  The teacher must be an educator dedicated to the Mission Statement of Sacred Heart School.
  6. Once having received the award teachers do not become eligible again for a 5-year period.


Mr. Darrin Hartman has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from UCM and has 24 years of experience in music ministry. In 2012, he joined Sacred Heart as the Vocal Music Teacher. He’s also in his 11th year as the choir director for First Christian Church. Mr. Hartman has served our community as President of the Sedalia Symphony Society and has served on the Board of Directors for the Scott Joplin Festival. He also has participated in the Sedalia Community Theater. His passion for music is rivaled only by his love of reading, gardening, and antiquing.

Pull back the curtain. Mr. Darrin Hartman, the spotlight is on you!

Written by Easton Webb, Sacred Heart Class of 2019