An Afternoon of Story Theatre


We have some very talented actors and writers at Sacred Heart thanks to our own Mrs. Bahner. Her drama class created an afternoon of story theatre. They adapted the children’s book “Grumblebunny” by Bob Hartman. The students then went on to design and build sets, create their own costumes and props.


On Friday, October 19 the drama class performed their story theatre for a packed house at Sacred Heart. The first and second graders loved all of the special sound effects and creativity.

The Cast and Creators Included:

  • Jacob Mertes as the “Bad Wolf-Peter, the Rabbit Eater”
  • Hunter Deresinski as “Cuddlemop”
  • Zaine Dover as “Sweetsnuffle”
  • Jaxon Beeler as “Pretty”
  • Jacobo Rubio as “Grumblebunny”

View a photo gallery of our afternoon of story theatre.

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