Lunch Information

Sacred Heart School has a CLOSED lunch hour, which means students are NOT allowed to bring in fast food or have fast food delivered to the school for lunch consumption.


Lunch Prices & Information for 2018-19

K-5         $2.35

6-12       $2.60

Adult      $2.85

Milk served with each meal (2% White or Fat-free Chocolate)

Extra milk & juice (morning snack) 50 cents each

Juice is only available for the elementary snack time and not lunch to meet dietary regulations.



Lunch Menu August 2018

Lunch Menu September 2018

Lunch Menu October 2018

*Menu Subject to Change without Notice

Lunch Balances (OptionC)

  • Your child’s lunch balance and information can be found in your PARENT OptionC account.  This will show payments and purchases for each student.
  • Lunches can be paid on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly.
  • A credit is given at the end of the paid lunches if a child does not eat one day.

Sacred Heart School is part of the government FREE & REDUCED lunch program.  Please feel free to fill out the form if you think you could qualify.  This is a great program in which the school is reimbursed for the meals and there is no cost or reduced costs to those that qualify.

Changes in the Cafeteria (effective August 2018)

Thanks to parent feedback, we are implementing new practices to improve our cafeteria operations and better serve our families.

  • Additional staff has been hired to assist in food preparation each morning.  This is designed to allow our cooks the time necessary to enhance our lunch menu entrees.


  • We are adopting a cash-only policy for students wanting to purchase snacks, Gatorade and other items that are not priced within the daily school lunch. This should cut down on the unexpected surprise some of our parents have received when they come in to clear the lunch bills.


  • No family will be able to amass a bill in excess of $100.  We will give you a courtesy call if the total reaches $75. This, too, should assist in keeping all bills and charges more manageable.


  • We continue to work with faculty along with office and cafeteria staff to incorporate the most efficient procedures possible for lunch counts and record keeping.


If you have any questions – contact Mrs. DeGraff 660-827-3800.