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Welcome, Future Gremlins! 

We are excited you are considering Sacred Heart School. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is underway. The Admissions Office is available to help you navigate the journey to becoming a Sacred Heart School Gremlin. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process.

Family Tours

See first-hand the elements of our long-term success where we introduce you to faculty and coaches in your areas of interest. Schedule your tour today by calling Mrs. Liz Van Leer, Admissions Coordinator, at 660-827-3800 or

Shadow Day

Come spend a day with us to experience student life as a Gremlin. Visit classes, meet faculty and get to know current Sacred Heart students. Contact Mrs. Liz Van Leer, Admissions Coordinator, at 660-827-3800 or


Sacred Heart School enrollment is underway. We hope you will reflect, pray, and feel, as we do, there is no better investment for your child than a quality Catholic Christian education. We are here to assist you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at (660) 827-3800 or


Sacred Heart School has a long tradition of making quality Catholic education assessable to all families who embrace our mission and vision, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. We remain committed to assisting students with exceptional academic potential but limited financial means to fulfill the dream of an outstanding education. Nearly 80% of our students receive academic scholarships or financial aid.


“After being assigned to Whiteman AFB, we noticed K-12 private school that
caught our attention in Sedalia. As soon as we entered the doors of Sacred Heart School, there was an immediate sense of belongingness, dignity, and
educational commitment. We knew this was the right environment for our

We could not be happier with the decision to send our children into an
environment where its scholastic accolades are topped only by the overwhelming spirit of God and family.”

– B.J. Bawcom
Captain, USAF

“Sacred Heart is a great community that motivates and elevates others to become better. I didn’t fully appreciate what SH had to offer me as a teenager. I did when I left and went on to college.

SH is great for the honors students, but it can also be a defining experience for
students like myself and countless others who need a more personalized
learning environment in order to be appreciated and held accountable.

Lastly, and just as critical, Sacred Heart kept me close to God. It was, and still is, easy to see Christ through the Sacred Heart teachers, coaches and administrators who have bought-in and are living gospel teachings.”

– Chris Lawson (’85)
SHS Hall of Fame Inductee
Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inductee

Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart School.  We realize that parents are making a significant investment in their children’s future by choosing Sacred Heart.  For more information contact Dr. Mark Register, President –