SHS Blood Drive January 31st – Sign-up NOW to Save Lives!

Did you know each time Sacred Heart School hosts a blood drive and meets the quota for donated units for the event the school receives money for a scholarship for graduating seniors? In the last two years alone 3 graduating seniors have received scholarships because YOU have signed up to give the gift of life in the form of a blood donation. EVERY unit of blood donated is precious, not just for those who will receive it, but also for our graduating seniors. Click HERE to reserve your spot TODAY!!

Donating blood REALLY does save lives! One of our most faithful donors, Charles Gerke, was recently blessed to be able to travel to Kansas City to actually meet with one of the recipients of his blood donation.  The gentleman who received the blood (due to a diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia) expressed his appreciation to all of those who had come together over the past 20+ years to donate blood so that he could continue to live a full life.  (With Sickle Cell Anemia, this gentleman has to receive frequent donations.)

Isn’t it an honor to be able to say, “I helped save a life?”  We appreciate those of you who make the appointment and then commit to showing up.  It is truly an act of service toward your fellow man.  This also shows our students what it means to be of service to others.  By finding donors, students have a direct hand in filling a need in our community.  The blood collected by Community Blood Center stays local and serves Bothwell Hospital, helping save our neighbors and fellow community members.