RaiseRight (AKA Scrip) for Back to School

As we move into August it’s time to shop for back to school supplies!  RaiseRight is a great way to get the kids ready for school while earning rebates to save on tuition at the same time.  Check out the following brands:

  • Old Navy/Gap (15%)

  • Walmart (2.5%)

  • Target (2.5%)

  • Staples (5%)

  • Land’s End (15%)

  • Dennis Uniform (5% physical cards only)

It’s also not too late to look for ways to use RaiseRight to pay for end of summer fun!!  Stop in at the school office to load up on gift cards to fill up your tank for those last minute trips before school begins.  With gas prices still high, we have larger denomination cards available for Casey’s ($50 & $100), Cenex ($100), and Walmart ($50 & $100).  When you purchase physical Walmart gift cards, you have the option to add them to your RaiseRight app wallet to reload them with money anytime you need to fill up your vehicle.  Also, Walmart now allows you to use gift cards to pay for pick-up orders!!!  Using RaiseRight allows you to earn rebates towards tuition every time you purchase a card for everything from gas, to hotels, to food for summer barbecues and picnics, to anything else you need for the summer!

Don’t forget we have several retailers ONLY available through the office (i.e. Casey’s, Cenex, Shell, Colton’s, Kehde’s, McD,  Menards, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and VISA to name a few).  Questions? Contact Jen Cordia at 660.827.3800 or at scrip@gogremlins.com.