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Jr. High Dress Code

Sacred Heart School

Uniform Policy from the JH/HS Handbook

2016-2017 School Year



Sacred Heart Catholic High School believes in the enforcement of a student appearance code for several reasons:  

  • A uniform appearance gives students a feeling of equality, provides a visible sense of school unity and identity, and contributes to the professional atmosphere that should exist in a school;  
  • School is not a recreational or social activity. The appearance / clothing of our students should reflect the seriousness of the educational process;  
  • What students wear and how they look speaks of the pride they take in themselves and Sacred Heart;  
  • Respect for oneself and others is shown through personal appearance and neatness;  
  • Abiding by the appearance code creates self-discipline.


With this in mind, Sacred Heart has a uniform dress code which lists specifically what may be worn to school.


General Points Applicable to All Students  

  • Students are to be neatly dressed/well groomed during the school day. By definition, the school day begins when a student enters the building in the morning, so students are expected to be in compliance with the appearance code and are subject to being fined for violations before school.  These standards also apply to all students representing Sacred Heart School in a sporting/school event.
  • Decisions on the acceptability of student appearance will be made by the administration.  
  • Extremes in personal appearance are not permitted.  
  • All clothing is to be modest, of proper fit, neat, clean, and worn as designed at all times.  
  • Pants with patch pockets, rivets, frayed cuffs, holes, or split seams are not acceptable.
  • If an item of clothing is not mentioned herein as being allowed, it should not be worn.  
  • Visible tattoos and jewelry in body piercings other than girls’ earrings are not permitted.  
  • Undershirts/undergarments must be white and no printing on the t-shirts may be visible through the uniform shirt.  
  • Accessories (scarves, bandannas, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Ink marks on the body are unprofessional, immature, and must be removed.



Dennis & JCPenney are the preferred uniform provider for JH students. Most items are available through other suppliers; however they must be identical in style and color.

  1.  Red or white tops (any red or white top featured in the uniform catalog of any of the companies is acceptable).  Shades of red such as dark red, maroon or burgundy are not part of the uniform.
  2.  Navy or khaki bottoms. (any navy or khaki bottom featured in the uniform catalog of any of the companies is acceptable unless there are pockets on the outside such as cargo type pants or shorts).
  3.  The Active Wear section of the Dennis catalog is not acceptable as part of the Sacred Heart School uniform unless an item has been specifically requested and approved.
  4.  Gremlin Gear - polo or oxford shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts are acceptable.  Gremlin Gear is available through the SH Booster Club or the online store.
  5.  Sweaters or sweatshirts (red, white or navy) are to be worn with a collared shirt underneath. Sweaters or sweatshirts are to be purchased through Gremlin Gear or one of the designated uniform companies.
  6.  Shirts must be tucked in and belts are to be worn.  Elastic waist pants are acceptable, especially for younger students.
  7.  Shoes may be tennis shoes or dress shoes.  In the winter months of December, January and February a warm, functional shoe may be worn at the discretion of the parent.


  1. Jackets and coats are not allowed to be worn in classrooms.  These items must be kept in lockers.
  2.  Socks or tights (red, white, black or navy) are to be worn.
10.  Uniform shorts may be worn from Mar. 1 to Nov. 1.