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National Junior Honor Society

Sacred Heart NJHS Bylaws
Sacred Heart NJHS Code of Conduct

2015-2016 Class Officers
President -         Morgan Mckeon 
Vice President - Maddie Hayden
Secretary  -        Maia Smith 
Treasurer -         Cody Damlo 

NJHS 2014-2015 Group Picture

Sacred Heart National Junior Honor Society

Guidelines for Consideration and Invitation


May it be made clear and with integrity that membership into Sacred Heart National Junior Honor Society is a privilege and not a right.  In addition to rigorous academic standards, the other elements of National Junior Honor Society to be demonstrated through its membership include: leadership, citizenship, service and character.

It is stated in the most current National Junior Honor Society handbook in section 4.1: “National Junior Honor Society is more than an honor roll. Each member must demonstrate not only good grades, but also strength in each of the remaining criteria”- these being the five cornerstones of National Junior Honor Society.  These are the guiding principles on which we base our selection of members. Below is our protocol used in the selection process.  This information can be found in the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which is the governing body of National Junior Honor Society.

The most assured way of maintaining Sacred Heart School’s National Junior Honor Society with integrity and strength of character is by selecting members who demonstrate those qualities.  This three part application process will help Sacred Heart achieve this outcome.

Part One- The Letter of Initial Eligibility-

This letter simply notifies a student that he/she has met the basic criteria of academic eligibility for consideration for membership. This letter is accompanied by a Candidate Selection Form which is to be filled out by a pre-determined deadline.  Forms NOT returned by the deadline will automatically label a student ineligible. The Faculty Council can hear appeals if there are considerations to be allowed regarding the missed deadline.

Part Two- Candidate Selection Form-

The selection form is NOT an application, only a form to be filled out by the student and cooperating staff, faculty or others authorized to confirm the eligible candidate’s information. The form clearly states this form DOES NOT guarantee selection, as it is the second of three parts to be completed by student for consideration into Sacred Heart School National Junior Honor Society.  This form is extensive as it identifies a potential member’s leadership roles, service activities, other student activities, community service as well as any work experience, recognition or other awards. This form also reminds students that the completion of this form does not guarantee selection and that all information is truthful.

Part Three- Faculty Council Evaluation Form

This is a form on which all potential candidates are identified only to Faculty Council.  This evaluation form scores potential candidates 1-4 points. Four points is the highest and one point is the lowest. If a one or a two is given by a Faculty Council member he or she is compelled to provide specific reasons for the low number. Faculty Council members are professional staff members who have a high level of interaction with current eighth and ninth grade students.  There is a provision for Council’s members to opt out of the evaluation for personal or professional reasons.

The three part process is not an application for membership for two reasons. First, a student is not in a position to identify him or herself as eligible; that decision is left to Faculty Council.  Therefore, a student may not independently request consideration by “applying”. Second, the term application carries subjective consideration.  Once a student has been determined academically eligible the Candidate Forms are for use by Faculty Council as working documents during the selection process in support of a student’s candidacy.

Once it has been determined who will be selected for membership, a letter of invitation will be sent to the student.  This letter will also include the date of induction.  A potential member does have the right to decline the invitation of membership for any reason.

A letter of non-selection along with an explanation and scoring rubric will be sent to those potential candidates who were not in the final induction class for that year.