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 Tuition Information for the 2017-2018 School Year


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Through the school's budgeting process, the finance committee has determined that the cost to educate at Sacred Heart School in 2016-2017 will be approximately $6,800 per student.  The difference in the actual cost and the set tuition rate is made possible by the support of Sacred Heart, St. Patrick and St. John parishes, the Sacred Heart Foundation, and the Diocese.  We ask that those who are able to pay the true cost will prayerfully do so; and indicate such on the registration forms.



2017-2018 Rates

Three Year Old Preschool (Mornings or Afternoons T/TH) $110 per month -  ($25 registration fee)
Four Year Old Preschool (Mornings or Afternoons M-W-F) $160 per month - ($25 registration fee)
Grades K-5 $3,600 ($225 textbook/technology/security fee)
Grades 6-8 $4,000 ($225 textbook/technology/security fee)
Grades 9-12 $4,200 ($225 textbook/technology/security fee)
       ($125 annual class dues for grades 9-12)**
Out-of-Parish Catholic family assessment* $1,500 per family
Non-Parish Fee $2,000 per family

Through the offertory giving of its parishoners, Sacred Heart, St. Ptrick and St. John contribute a school subsidy amounting to more than $400,000 per year to the school budget.  Out-of-parish Catholic families and Non-Catholic families are assessed an additional amount as their contribution to the subsidy.

*Defined as Out-of-parish Catholic families who are registered and tithing at a Catholic parish outside of the Pettis County Catholic Community.

**Annual class dues of $125 are mandatory for every student in grades 9-12.  The funds are earmarked to the students' class account to fund activities specific to their class, such as prom, mission trip, and other expenses that occur throughout their high school years.

2017-2018 Incentives

  • $500 tuition credit for anyone hosting an International Student.  This incentive is in effect for tuition only and does not include the tithe expectation or the non-parish assessments. 
  • Participation in the SCRIP program can significantly reduce tuition obligations at NO ADDITIONAL COST to parents and families!  Please contact Mrs. DeGraff edegraff@gogremlins.com in the main office for more information.


Stewardship Cards

Families benefiting from Catholic parish tuition rates MUST have a stewardship card on file in the rectory office, and show evidence of giving.  Non-participating members will be assessed as Out-of-parish Catholic families.  The tithing percentages recommended by the Diocese of Jefferson City are 5% of annual household income to the local parish, 1% to the diocese and 4% to the charities of choice.


Methods of Payment

Three methods of payment are available:

1) The bill can be paid in full at the beginning of the school year.

2) The bill can be paid in two equal installments with payments due at the beginning of each semester.

3) The bill can be paid monthly through an automatic monthly withdrawal over 10 months from August through May.


FACTS & Financial Assistance Programs

Sacred Heart School is here to serve all families, regardless of income, who desire and embrace the school's mission and vision.  If you want a Catholic education for your child(ren), PLEASE let us work with you if cost is an issue.  Any family seeking a need-based scholarship will be rquired to apply through FACTS by March 1, 2017.  Late applications are not guaranteed assistance.  Exceptions may apply to families relocating to the area.  Scholarship assistance is applicable to tuition only; additional fees are a fixed rate. 

To begin the need-based scholarship application process, visit https://factsmgt.com.  Use the school ID Code: 22303

You may contact Dr. Manning - gmanning@gogremlins.com, for more information on tuition assistance programs.