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November 2013 - Issue 2
Published by Sacred Heart School

Alumni Association Call for Officers

Now's your chance to keep Gremlin Pride alive among your fellow alum. The Alumni Association is looking for enthusiastic graduates to serve on its leadership team. The time commitment is manageable, but the fun is abundant! For more information, contact Dianne (Behen ‘87) Withers or Charles Tippie (‘88).

Class of 1958

Goodbye with Gratitude
Dr. Mark Register

Administrator, Class of 1975


Dr. Register Profile Picture

The month of May in each school year is, by nature, a time of saying good-bye.  We bid farewell to our graduates, extend wishes for an enjoyable summer vacation to students and colleagues, and recognize the contributions of faculty and staff members who are leaving Sacred Heart to begin a new chapter in their life.  This past May was definitely extraordinary.


Although teacher turnover at SH tends to occur at a low rate, we had an unusually large number of staff decide that God had new plans for them.  Not only that, but many of the departing staff were individuals who made a significant commitment to the health and well-being of Sacred Heart School, its students and families.


I’d like to use this opportunity to recognize and thank these wonderful people.  While I could easily fill this entire issue of ‘From the Heart’ with examples of how these individuals contributed to the success of SHS, I hope it will suffice to recognize each with a few words of appreciation. 


diefendorfBonnie Diefendorf,
better known as “Mrs. D,” was an exceptional Catholic role model to students and staff alike, serving more than 30 years as an elementary teacher and principal.  Mrs. D made her mark at SHS in many ways, most notably helping prepare countless little ones for First Eucharist and First Reconciliation.  In retirement, she will be devoting herself to some serious grandma time, but we hope she will continue to bake delectable coffee cakes – and, of course, occasionally share it with school staff.


rouchkaLouise Rouchka
also devoted more than 30 years of her life to serving students at SHS.  During her career, she touched students at all grade levels.  Most importantly, she taught by example how to reflect God’s love. It is likely she will be remembered as the consummate team player.  Whatever was asked and needed Mrs. Rouchka offered up selflessly.  Mrs. Rouchka will also be enjoying more grandma time, but those of us who know her best understand she has her hands full with keeping Mr. Rouchka out of trouble.


walkerSherry Walker
(SHHS Class of 1965) is a 30-year veteran of SHHS.  She taught high school English and took over as Spectrum Yearbook moderator in her second year (the 1983-1984 school year).  Over the years, Mrs. Walker spent more hours than we can count recording our memories, and we certainly miss seeing her on the sidelines with camera in hand.   Mrs. Walker says she is only semi-retired but hasn’t filled us in yet on future endeavors.


munsonBecky Munson
served our elementary students and families for more than 20 years.  She worked in both the third and fifth grades, positively touching many young lives along the way.  She and husband Tom look forward to traveling and spending more time with their grandchildren, as well.


gillmanRon Gillman
began his career at SH in August of 1998 after retiring from the public school system.  Mr. Gillman spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours tutoring students before school in the mornings to ensure the success of his math students.  While he and wife Pat expect to travel more in retirement, who knows what Mr. Gillman’s next venture -- or adventure -- might be?


taylorEdie Taylor
(SHHS Class of 1974) served SH as an elementary and JH instructor for 11 school years.  She has now taken her talents to the Miami, MO school district as a secondary grade math teacher.  Her willingness to pitch in whenever necessary to make the school better will certainly be missed.  


jenningsPatricia Jennings
also retired a second time.  During her six years at SH, she worked in our junior high communications arts classes and served as school counselor.  Her generous spirit and wonderful work ethic will now be turned toward her granddaughters.


tippieSarah Tippie
(SHHS Class of 1998) is taking some time with the birth of her second daughter, Charlotte Rose.  Mrs. Tippie brought talent and innovation to her elementary classroom here at SHS and we look forward to her return in the future.


websterAnn Webster
was with us for only two years, but was up for any challenge. Mrs. Webster will continue to bless us with her high energy and sense of humor as a substitute teacher.  She also is an active parishioner and son Joe is an eighth grader at SHS.


camirandRon Camirand
retired after eight years in our maintenance and custodial department.  Always pleasant and dependable, Mr. Camirand’s cooperative spirit will be missed in the halls of SHS. 


Many years ago we set, as a primary goal, to become one of the finest small schools in the state of Missouri.  Sacred Heart School has progressed in that quest in great part to the diligent efforts of the people described in this column.  We will continue to do our best to live up to the standards that they have helped set here at Sacred Heart in the service of our God, our families, and our children!


Those of us that remain here on a daily basis recognize and appreciate our colleagues and our patrons, past, present and future.  Through each of you we are blessed.  May the Lord continually smile upon each of you and remember - - - please pray for us because together we make THE difference!


The Value of a Catholic Education

Fr. Mark Miller, C.PP.S.
Pastor of Catholic Churches of Pettis County

Fr. Mark Profile PictureThe Catholic Church has a long and powerful history of education within the United States.  From the very beginning, the Church offered its members and newly arrived immigrants the possibility of acquiring an education.

From the Carroll family of Maryland in the early 1700’s to the Kennedy family of the 1950’s-60’s, renowned and educated Catholic families have participated in shaping our American society. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, Catholic education was embraced as a way of maintaining our Catholic identity in a land comprised of many different faith expressions, though all were accepted under the freedom of practicing one’s religion. Even within this “acceptance,” there was a certain pride in knowing that “I am a Catholic.”

Much has changed over the years in terms of Catholic education, and I suspect the reasons for Catholic education also have changed. Today, when asked if they recognize the value of a Catholic education, Catholics are on all sides of the spectrum.  Each of us must wrestle with that within ourselves. But let us come to the HEART of the matter:  what is the value of Sacred Heart School?

This summer, a SH teacher told me she’d been asked why she taught at Sacred Heart, considering she could make more money teaching in the public school. The teacher told me she gave this reply: “By teaching at Sacred Heart, I can teach the whole child.”

Our motto above our school doors states: Religion, Morality, Knowledge. When Bishop O’Hara instructed Fr. Brunswick in the early 1940s to build a Catholic high school for the region in and around Sedalia, he was requesting a regional high school for all Catholics in mid-Missouri. The school was to be an “investment,” not only to maintain Catholic identity but to equip Catholic students with the necessary skills and virtues to continue to bring faith into the political and social world in which we live.

We provide students with a Catholic education not to prove ourselves better than others, but to make our country better for all. Our Catholic social teaching is not for proselytizing but for enhancing the human condition of all.

Sacred Heart School is a ministry of our parishes and I would like it to become a ministry of our Catholic Community of Pettis County. We are here for all Catholics certainly, but we are here for anyone who wishes to become educated as a whole person.

Our mission is to help people become the best Catholics they are able to be. Our mission is also to help Lutherans to be the best Lutherans, to help Baptists be the best Baptists, to help all Christians and non-Christians to be people who care for one another and who take responsibility for caring for this wonderful world of ours. This is our ministry; this is our mission; this is why we continue to offer Catholic education to anyone who seeks it. This is indeed our investment in the future of our Church and of our country. We would like to see all of our Catholics invest in this mission of educating today’s youth. Come aboard and build the future.


Gremlin Greetings to

New Faculty & School Board

 Dr. Jim Davis

 Assistant Principal

The SHS 2013-2014 school year ushers in talented and enthusiastic individuals who are excited to carry forward quality, faith-filled education set forth by their predecessors.


Faculty Pictured: Front row (left to right): Laura Inzunza, 5th grade; Nancy Kitch, 2nd grade; Jenelle Berry, first-quarter teacher for three-year-old preschool program. (Thanks for your service, Jenelle!) Second row: Jessica Webb, Jr. High Math, Social Studies & Literature; Angel Barrientos, Religion & Jr. High English & Speech; Jill Bentch, 2nd grade; Sherry Buckley, guidance counselor and scholarship administrator. Third row: AnnMarie Loredo, 4th grade; Rose Migliazzo, Religion; Gina Dillard, 3rd grade. Back row: Jennifer Simon, 7th Grade English; and Kerry Henley, Business Education.


2013-2014 School Board Members


Five new members were appointed to the Sacred Heart School Board. George Bain III, Donna Beykirch and Chris Martin are serving three-year terms, and William Callahan and Chad Starke will serve one-year terms. Additional members to the 2013-2014 Sacred Heart School Board include: Shawn Grose, president; Tony Farkas, vice-president; Robin Ebers, secretary; Brandon Grose, parliamentarian; Fr. Jim Betzen; Kelly Brace; William Callahan; Dr. Jim Davis; Don Full; Fr. Mark Miller, Dr. Mark Register and Jeanie Strong.



Photo Caption:  (Back row from left.) Mike Stratton, Tony Farkas, Chad Starke, Shawn Grose, Brandon Grose, Dr. Mark Register, George Bain III. 
(Front row from left.) Kelly Brace, Donna Beykirch and Robin Ebers. (Not pictured:  William Callahan, Don Full,
Fr. Jim Betzen, Fr. Mark Miller, Jeanie Strong and Chris Martin.)


Why be Confirmed?

Debbie Bolin
Campus Minister

Bolin_Migliazzo_youth_conferenceOne of my adventures this past summer was attending the ”Beloved Children, Imitators of God: Deification and the Sacraments of Initiation” symposium at the University of Notre Dame. The symposium was devoted to the raising up of God’s beloved children in Baptism, the Eucharist and Confirmation.

Baptism is a sign of new life through Jesus Christ. Confirmation is the sacrament that completes Baptism, and the Eucharist is the sacrament that completes Christian initiation. My hope in this article is to shed NEW light on how each of the sacraments of initiation is dependent on the others.

The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of people before, in, and after their Baptism. It is the same spirit who revealed Jesus as the Son (Mark 1:10-11) and who empowered and united the disciples at Pentecost. (Acts 2) God bestows upon all baptized persons the anointing and promise of the Holy Spirit, marks them with a seal, and implants in their hearts the first installment of their inheritance as sons and daughters of God. The Holy Spirit nurtures the life of faith in their hearts and empowers those confirmed in the spirit to be more actively involved in the church. (2 Corinthians 1:21-22)

Confirmation brings about a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit and, like Baptism, is only given once. This seal of the Holy Spirit leads a Christian to profess Christ and be His witness to the world. Perhaps the first effect of the Sacrament of Confirmation, the newly confirmed can approach the altar to receive the body and blood of Christ with a new understanding of their oneness with Christ and His church!


The Sacrament of the Eucharist completes Christian initiation. We are encouraged to receive communion at least weekly, if not daily.

Catholics who don’t regularly attend mass often complain that “mass is boring,” or “they don’t get anything out of it.” This attitude can only change when we begin to view the Liturgy as its name intends, as the “work” of the people.  At the offertory, the celebrant prays,”…that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.” We respond, “May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of his name, for our good and the good of all his holy church.” 

“Our work” places in an active role to serve the church as readers, servers, gift bearers, song leaders, and Eucharistic ministers, but always through our active participation in our responses and prayer!

So, why should we be confirmed?

Before a coach sends a soccer player onto the playing field, he puts his hands on the player’s shoulders and gives the player final instructions. We can understand Confirmation in a similar way. A hand is placed upon us. We step out on the playing field of life. Through the Holy Spirit we know what we have to do and we have been given the power to do it. He has motivated us, His mission resounds in our ears, and we sense His help. We will not betray His trust or disappoint him; we will win the game for him. We just have to want to do it and listen to HIM! And BEGIN our journey in the life of the church!


Gremlins Go Global

Jane McMullin ('87) & Marcia Turner

Faculty Members

Spanish_Riding_SchoolMarcia Turner and Jane McMullin (Class of 1987) have a special way of bringing world history to life inside their classrooms at Sacred Heart.  And, for some of their students, the learning extends into summer.

The veteran teachers have led summer tours to Europe since 1996.  Though not sponsored by Sacred Heart School, the trips are geared for student travel, but have been popular with adults, as well.  Groups have traveled to Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, and Germany.  This past summer Turner and McMullin led a group to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.

McMullin grew up in a family that values world travel.  She spent the summer between her sophomore and junior year in high school in Australia on a trip organized by IFYE (International 4-H Youth Exchange).  When I student taught at Marshall High School, one of the high school history teachers there traveled with students every summer.  I thought that was an incredible idea,” she said.

But McMullin was hesitant to start a travel group at SH on her own.  She discussed the idea with Turner, who was intrigued by the thought of leading trips to Europe.

“As we began to put that first trip together, the possibilities of places to go were almost overwhelming,” Turner said. The teachers chose two of Europe’s most popular cities, London and Paris, as the destinations for their inaugural trip.

The first group had less than 15 students, Turner recalled, and included her daughter Mollie. “The trip was fantastic,” she said.  “We spent five days in London, touring all the sights of the city, and then on to the city of lights.  Paris was simply breathtaking.  I was hooked!”


The second trip was inked for 1998.  McMullin, who has an affinity for Roman history, chose Italy as the destination.


The trips gained popularity quickly. In fact, the second trip to Italy in 2007 “exploded overnight” and ended up with 72 people, McMullin said.  Following that trip, she and Turner vowed to keep groups to a more manageable number, preferably 25 to 30 participants.  Groups now include many adults, McMullin said, “sometimes even whole families!”

McMullin is hard pressed to pick a favorite trip.

“We’ve had so many wonderful experiences with kids and adults on these trips that it’s difficult to pick just one,” she said.  “For instance, the first time we went to Rome we discovered that Pope John Paul II was doing a blessing at St. Peter’s Square.  Our kids were able to get very close to the Holy Father to participate.” 

“Seeing beautiful cities, touring historic sites, embracing a different culture -- there is just so much that our groups have been able to do!” McMullin added.

Both McMullin and Turner feel blessed to have had the chance to introduce many first-time travelers to the international experience – a life-changing experience.

“These trips over the years have been wonderful experiences.  Both of us look forward to continuing our tours,” Turner said.

The next trip, in 2015, will include stops in Italy and Croatia.  The trip will include tours of Rome, Venice, and Florence, with an excursion up the Adriatic side of historic and scenic Croatia.  The first planning meeting for the trip took place Oct. 7. For more information please contact Marcia at mturner@gogremlins.com or Jane at jmcmullin@gogremlins.com.


Exceeding Expectations

 SHS Journalism Class


There are dozens of new faces, students and teachers alike, at Sacred Heart School this school year.  But one thing hasn’t changed -- high expectations for our Gremlin sports teams. The dedication certainly paid off as the school recently accepted its 11th final four trophy since 2002.


Special congratulations to the Varsity Girl's Golf Team for their 2nd consecutive third place finish in the MSHSAA State Golf Tournament.


Complementing the rigorous expectations on student academics is athletics. In fact, more than half of our junior high and high school students participate in fall sports. Some students compete in two sports! The fall offerings include boys’ soccer (girls can play on the junior high team), and football, while girls are able to play golf and volleyball.   New to this year’s sports lineup is the “Gremlin Girls” dance team and a junior high football program. 


Travis Cooper returns as head coach of the boys’ soccer team, and hopes to build on last year’s winning season, where competition was fierce. The boys certainly are rising to the occasion. At the time of this publication deadline, the Gremlins are preparing for the State quarterfinal faceoff against Springfield Catholic Irish on Saturday, November 16.


“In the past four years we’ve won four consecutive conference and district titles, along with two ‘Elite Eight’ appearances,” Cooper said.  “I hope we’ll build on last year’s record and have a strong finish at the end of the year… I’m excited to see what the players can do with their talent this season.”


SH’s football program experienced its most winning season yet, wrapping up the year with a 7-3 record. Head coach Ben Lyles has transformed a once-struggling team into a squad that is thrilling to watch.

“With eight seniors on this year’s team there is a vast amount of leadership and motivation,” Lyles said.  “We are grateful to have extremely fast and athletic players.”

The gym came alive every time the Gremlin volleyball team took to the court. With a deep lineup of talent, the team wrapped up the year as District champs. Several teammates also were named to the the All-Region team.

“I could not have asked for a better group of girls,” Coach David Fall said of this year’s squad. “The girls play well together and treat each other with respect on and off the court. The drive and persistence these girls have is enough to turn their dreams into a shining reality.”

The players on the Gremlin girls’ golf squad came prepared to perform under pressure of defending its third-place State title. The Gremlin Golf team finished first at Districts, first at Sectionals, and third at State. Individual State medalist were Alex Bankovich 5th and Olivia Sobaski tied for 9th.

"With three seasoned seniors and a sophomore who has made great strides, our team was well-poised to make a substantial showing at this year's state tournament,” said Coach Julie Sobaski. 



John Wooden once said, “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.”  


Athletes at SH have much talent to share and have been taught how to conduct themselves on the playing field/court/course in a professional and Christ-like manner.  But the passion and perseverance inside of us is will allow us to exceed expectations.



Alumni News
Celebrations, Remembrences, and Reunions

The Sacred Heart High School Class of 1973 met for its 40th class reunion on Oct. 5.  The evening started with a stroll down memory lane with a visit to our alma mater. Liz Suter-Van Leer, SH Foundation development director, led the group on a wonderful school tour that brought back many great memories of our years spent at Sacred Heart. Dinner and festivities continued at Fitter’s in downtown Sedalia. The group had a wonderful time, and we are all looking forward to our next reunion. 

Those attending the reunion and pictured from L to R: Frank Rouchka, Toni Kneivel Weise, Paul Beykirch, Jeff Karigan, Lynn Paul Shoemaker, Joyce Cook Woolery, Raymond Young, John Melvin, Wayne Simon, Cindy Felten Dick, Bill Freund, Molly McCloskey Merrigan, Rama Lee Weathers Monsees, Rick Mergen, Mary Hoffman Kehl, Mark Dunham, Cheryl Kelly Stuebing, Kevin Cook, Mike Twenter, Mary Jo Westermier Ballenger and George Esser.  Also attending were Gayle Pabst Lamb, Gary Meyer and David Rayl. Several teachers also attended and they were: Linda Piatt, Gerald Wiltz and Fr. Mark Miller.  

- Submitted by Cindy Felten Dick

Homecoming lived up to its name in a big way as alum spanning miles and decades gathered to celebrate SHS’s inaugural Homecoming Parade on Oct. 18. More than 20 alum representing the classes of 1945 to 1950 served as the parade’s honorary grand marshals. Sedalia councilwoman Jo Lynn (Register ‘77) Turley and Mayor Elaine (Dooley ‘78) Horn also joined in on the fun.


The Class of 1958 proved that Gremlin gear never goes out of style. Classmates sported classic SHS sweaters and letter jackets as they made their way along the parade route.  The parade was part of several activities the classmates participated in to celebrate 55 years of life post graduation.


Happy Anniversary!


Martha (Martin ’60) and James Wininger celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Feb. 16, 2013. They live in Attica, Ind.


Wedding Celebrations!

John Linsenbardt (‘81) married Roxanna Reiter on June 15, 2013, in Sedalia. They live in Fenton.

Remembering Our Dearly Departed

R_EschbacherRobert L. Eschbacher (‘49) died Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013, in Sedalia. Robert was Valedictorian of his senior class at Sacred Heart School. He was a Holy Cross Seminarian at Notre Dame University, where he received his undergraduate degree. He went on to receive a master’s degree in English Literature from Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. He taught English Literature at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, until retirement. Years later, he returned to Sedalia to be near his family. He was predeceased by two brothers, William J. and James L. Eschbacher, of Sedalia.

T_ODonnellTerrence James “Terry” O’Donnell, died Friday, Nov. 1, 2013, at his home. His wife of 42 years is Jinny (Cox) O’Donnell, a beloved teacher at SHS who recently retired. Terry was a member of Sacred Heart Church, served as president of the Parish Council, and was very involved in the ministry of the church. He enjoyed playing golf and cards with his friends and loved spending time with his family. Terry was a Kansas City Chiefs fan and a National Guard veteran.

Betty_Jo_DickBetty Jo Dick (‘51) passed March 12, 2012. Born March 10, 1933, in Sedalia, she was the daughter of the late Albert T. and Verla H. Jones Dick. She was a member of Sacred Heart Church. Betty Jo was raised and educated in Sedalia and was a 1951 graduate of Sacred Heart School. She began her working career at Town and Country Shoes in Sedalia and then moved to Springfield, where she was employed by Dillon Foods for more than 40 years. During her early years in Springfield, Betty Jo played softball on a traveling team that won many state tournaments. Upon her retirement, she returned to Sedalia, where she enjoyed being outdoors doing yard work and gardening. She was also an avid sports fan.

P_SwordsPatrick F. Swords (‘75) passed away, Saturday, July 13, 2013.  He is survived by his wife, Lisa Broyles, and his son, Ned.  Patrick enjoyed traveling to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He loved animals, especially his faithful dog, Truman. He cherished spending time with his family. Patrick was a member of the Elks Lodge.

Alan R. Felten (‘75)
passed away November 18, 2012. Alan worked as a laborer in heavy construction and was a member of Local Union #663. He was a member of St. Patrick Church. Surviving are his parents, Lyle and Patty (Gramlich ‘47) Felten; four siblings, Debbie Smith (Felten ‘72), and her husband, Fred; Cindy (Felten ‘73) Dick, and her husband, Jerry; and Kent Felten (‘77), all of Sedalia, and Mark Felten (‘79), and his wife, Pam, of Chesterfield; and several nieces and nephews.

Greetings Lil’ Grems!

Jeffrey (‘04) and Holly (Sunnarborg ‘05) Dick welcomed twins Corbin and Evelyn to their family on Aug. 16, 2013.

Damian Cook (‘02) and his fiancé, Edie Williams, welcomed their twin baby girls, Sloane Elise and Sawyer Ann, on Aug. 21, 2013. Roger (‘69) & Julie (Grott ‘70) Cook are grandparents. Ken and Mary Ann Grott and the late Emmett and Jean Cook are great grandparents. Damian is an attorney in Ponte Vera Beach, Fla.

Emily (Simon ‘03) and Chris Brown welcomed their third child, Colette Marie, on July 14, 2013. They live in Rock Springs, Wy.

Natalie (Bailey ‘03) and Kenny Newville, of Sedalia, became proud parents of Catherine Marie Newville on Sept. 13, 2013. The grandparents are Jacque and Bruce Gabriel of Sedalia, Joey and Betty Ann Bailey of Adrian, and Kenney and Bunny Newville of St. Joseph. The great-grandparents are Henry and Bernice Johns of Carthage, Esther Bailey and the late Henry Bailey of Lamar, and John and Mary Ann Newville of Florence, Ore.

Alumni News

Stacy Trotter-Gier (‘71) taught K-12 music at Sacred Heart for the 2011-2012 school year. She continues to support Sacred Heart School by providing private voice and piano lessons to some SH students. She continues to perform, has a music studio at her home in Lake Ozark, and assists with music at Sacred Heart Parish in Eldon.

Estella (Gravitt ‘67) Frazier was recently honored as Bothwell Hospital’s Leader of the Year. Frazier, nursing director of the 3 Southwest medical-surgical unit and Orthopedics, has worked at Bothwell Hospital since 1965. She was nominated for the honor by nine members of her department who related that Frazier is “a shining example of class and professionalism and expects nothing less from the staff.” Congratulations, Estella!

Patty (Randall ‘89) Bock was named Bothwell Hospital’s 2013 Nurse of the Year. She was selected from among 12 nurses nominated by their peers for the award. Congratulations, Patty!

If you have news to submit, please mail to:  Dianne Withers at 421 W. 3rd Street, Sedalia, MO 65301 / Email:  davdirobed@gmail.com or visit http://www.gogremlins.com/about-us/alumni.cfm