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July 2013 - Issue 1
Published by Sacred Heart School

We're Back
By: Dr. Mark Register

Administrator, Class of 1975


Dr. Register Profile PictureGreetings!  Sacred Heart’s “From the Heart” newsletter is back in a new online format. Thanks to the new setup, we plan to adopt a quarterly publication cycle, allowing for much more consistent communication with Sacred Heart friends.

At the time of this writing, we have just concluded another successful school year -- a year that now seems like a blur. There’s no time to rest on our laurels, though, as we busily prepare for the new school year set to begin in August.

The past year was marked by several exciting accomplishments, including wrapping up the first full year of our new day care program. While we believe the program is off to a promising start, we recognize that constant planning and brainstorming for improvements will be essential to its growth and future success.

We also celebrated the completion of the second year of the preschool’s new existence.  Mrs. Hollie Bogue and the children enjoyed learning together in Harris Hall this school year.  Due to the preschool’s excellent reputation and growing popularity, we plan to add afternoon sessions in the fall.

New Parking Lot AdditionThanks to some very generous parents, we were able to expand our parking facilities on the west side of the school.  For anyone who has attended extracurricular functions or school here, I’m sure you can appreciate the value of expanded and improved parking.  The paved lot, which can accommodate 24 vehicles, is a blessing on both school days and game nights. This effort is just one more example of how terrific Sacred Heart parents are and a tribute to how everyone pulls together to keep our school thriving!

One facility upgrade that is an important part of the school’s improvement plan involves the playground. The plan is to create an area to accommodate preschool and day care children while formulating an overall upgrade to the playground as a whole. Be watching for more information on this important school improvement effort in upcoming editions of this newsletter.

Inside this edition, you will read about this year’s technology enhancements, athletic achievements, successes in the fine arts programs and more. I hope you will be as pleased as we are with these accomplishments. Please feel free to comment or contact us if you’d like additional information.


Many years ago, we decided our primary goal was to become one of the finest small schools in Missouri.  Sacred Heart School is a wonderful place and we feel blessed to remain on track in pursuit of that goal.  We are constantly doing our best to live up to that standard as we serve our God, our families, and our children!


Please know that those of us at SH on a daily basis recognize and appreciate you and all of our many blessings.  May the Lord continually smile upon each of you and remember, please pray for us because together we make THE difference!

A Journey - From Then to Now

By: Fr. Mark Miller, C.PP.S.
Pastor of Catholic Churches of Pettis County

Fr. Mark Profile Picture
It is with great pride that I write this article for the revived From the Heart newsletter. While electronic communication has made it much easier to transmit information, it can be a struggle to transmit the foundational values that support that information.


Sacred Heart School has not changed its motto or its desire to pass on our Catholic identity over the past 131 years; however, much has changed since its beginning, and certainly much has changed since I was here in the early 1970’s as a young priest. Some of you former students taught me a great deal or made me much wiser as I became aware of your attempts to circumvent policies and procedures. It took me a couple of years to understand why you enjoyed Retreats so much. Your definition of a Retreat was quite different from mine initially but eventually you came to a new understanding. I also carry fond memories that took place on those Senior Class trips to those exotic places like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, floating down the Current River and Six Flags over America. Hopefully, all of us have grown to appreciate not only the academic knowledge we acquired at SH but also the social and religious perspectives that have made us who we are today.


One can only be amazed by the accomplishments of our faculty and students over the last few years, and the fact that most of our graduates continue to progress to college.  Another distinct aspect of SH is that most of our students participate in extra-curricular activities.  In the past few years, our vocal music and band programs have blossomed; we’ve continued to excel in math contests; and we’ve flourished in speech and drama competitions.  Our Gremlin sports programs also have been extremely successful. We are truly growing into a college preparatory school with so many of our seniors acquiring college credits while attending Sacred Heart.


Wonderful things are happening in our school, thanks to a great student body and a dedicated faculty and staff. We hope to highlight some of these outstanding accomplishments in future posts so that all of our alumni and friends will become more aware of the “product” that is being produced for the world on Third Street.


May God continue to bless our faculty and staff and bless our families who choose to partner with SH in the ongoing education and formation of their children.  I look forward to seeing and visiting with you after Mass on Sundays and at school functions.

SmartBoards + SuperKids = Super Smart SHS Elementary Students

 Dr. Jim Davis

Assistant Principal

Dr. Davis PhotoWith the help of parents, parishioners and teachers, Sacred Heart Elementary is taking a technological leap and will start the 2013-14 school year with SmartBoards in every elementary classroom.

A SmartBoard is an interactive whiteboard; it operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer and a projector.  The teacher can project content to the SmartBoard from her desktop computer, or she can operate the SmartBoard from the whiteboard by touch input, using her finger or a special pen. With a SmartBoard, teachers have the Internet and all of its educational resources at their fingertip.

SmartBoards in SH ClassroomsWe now have SmartBoards in the Kindergarten classrooms, and fourth and fifth grades, and plan to purchase and install them in the remaining elementary classrooms this summer.  This exciting upgrade was made possible by a SH parent and parishioner, who donated used SmartBoards she bought at discount from schools across Missouri.  SH Technology Coordinator Marlo Siron is leading the fund drive to purchase projectors.

SmartBoards enhance learning in a multitude of ways and are extremely popular with students, according to kindergarten teacher Jeannine Dove, who uses SmartBoards to present enrichment activities that supplement lessons in the SuperKids reaching program, such as the sound a particular letter of the alphabet makes.  Mrs. Dove also uses a SmartBoard in math and language arts instruction, and to show educational videos to her students.

“I cannot imagine teaching without a SmartBoard,” Mrs. Dove said.  “I use it every day, all day long.  It has revolutionized how I teach!” The SmartBoard also is a great behavioral management tool, she added, “because I only call students who are quiet and focused to come use the SmartBoard.”


Teachers in the upper grades use SmartBoards to augment math lessons about fractions and multiplication.  In science, videos are available to introduce weather and other science concepts.  Even Bill Nye, the science guy, is available on SmartBoard.  The technology allowed our students to follow the selection process for Pope Francis this past spring; many Catholic websites have excellent sources for teaching Catholic tenets and theology.  There also is a wealth of material to help teach US and world history, including virtual tours of historical sites.

We are just beginning to discover all of the resources available.  Our teachers attend monthly in-service programs to learn more in depth uses for the application of SmartBoards.  Both our students and teachers love this addition to the classroom.  Please feel free to visit this fall and see our teachers, students and SmartBoards in action.

This past year we focused on encouraging K-5 students to read more outside of the classroom and again used the Accelerated Reader (AR) program to measure reading comprehension.  AR, a powerful software tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers.  Based on each student's independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and guide students to books difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not so difficult to cause frustration.  After a student has read his/her book, the student takes a short quiz on the computer to check comprehension.  Overall, our students passed 85% of the quizzes taken.  Amazingly, our elementary students read 34,213,321 (That’s 34 million plus) words outside of the classroom during the past school year! We are grateful to the parishioner who anonymously donated the cost for the AR program during the past three years.

I think it’s safe to say that the addition of a reading lab at SH has spurred interest in reading outside of the classroom.  The old art room now is home to more than 3,000 popular fiction books geared for students in grades 4-12, thanks to a former parent and SH employee who enjoys bargain hunting. The non-fiction collection is smaller but continues to grow, too.  Books in the Reading Lab all have labels with the AR designation for reading level as well as age appropriate.

Science Fair WinnersOur students participated in the local science fair this year, and three projects advanced to the Chancery in Jefferson City for the Diocesan-wide competition.  Emma Rollings, Grade 8, received first place at her grade level with an earth science project.  Reagen Martignetti and Emma Wilhelm, Grade 7, took first place at their grade level with their Life Science project.  All three students received a trophy.  Pictured are Reagan Martignetti, left, and Emma Rollings.  Not pictured is Emma Wilhelm. 

Overall, it was an exciting year at Sacred Heart Elementary.  We are so thankful for all of our students and the generous support of the Catholic community of Sedalia.

The Spirit is A - Movin'

By: Debbie Bolin
Campus Minister

Mrs. Bolin Profile Picture
“People are gatherin’, the church is born; the spirit is a blowin’ on a world reborn! Old ones are dreamin’ dreams, and young men and women see the light! The Spirit fills us all with pow’r, to be God’s witnesses to all we meet!”  -- Carey Landry.

As Campus Minister of Sacred Heart School, I have many opportunities to speak about the spirituality of our students. I’m proud of the academic and athletic successes of our students, but what I’m most passionate about is the spiritual success of our children for eternal life!

As Catholics, how often do we publically proclaim the Word of God? Would you have the courage to tell others that the only way to true freedom and happiness is through living a chaste life?  Have you had the experience of shouting “God is good!” and getting an enthusiastic reply of “All the time!” from a crowd of your peers?

I’ve seen these proclamations, and the fact that they’re coming from teenagers within our own student body makes me very proud.

It’s beautiful to witness the Holy Spirit giving our students the strength to stand up and be counted on for their faith.  We are truly blessed to have an environment that encourages all of us to help nurture the moral formation within our children.

In March, our high school students were invited to participate as lectors and servers alongside Bishop John Gaydos and nearly 90 other priest and religious men and women for the Diocesan Holy Chrism mass. During this mass, the Bishop blesses the Holy Oils (Oil of the Sick, Oil of Catechumens and Sacred Chrism) for use in the coming year.

I was so proud of our students for actively engaging in this special mass. Despite juggling busy academic and extra-curricular schedules, many of our students are leading prayer services and participating in community-wide service projects!

We have increased our number of students going to “Youth Conferences” from two or three, to more than 25 students. That’s more than one-fifth of the student population!

It has been said that people should be nurtured by their own faith communities, and that not everyone can have “mountain top” Holy Spirit encounters. While that may be true, we are bringing God’s word to our entire student body. Students who attend the Youth Conferences we offer most often return with a fullness of the Holy Spirit and a readiness to help evangelize their school and community.  Whether it’s leading prayer services or participating in the school and weekend masses as lectors, Eucharistic ministers and ushers, this energy from our students is inspiring our entire Catholic community.

The Spirit is a-movin’ and so are we! Please keep us in your prayers July 19-21, as we travel to Springfield, Mo., for the Steubenville Conference. This gathering brings together youth, clergy and speakers in a celebration of our Catholic Faith. We’ll also join 30,000 other young Catholics in Indianapolis, Ind., at the National Catholic Youth Conference Nov. 21-23. This year’s theme is Signed.Sealed.Delivered. I’m looking forward to the Spirit moving within all of us to help to deepen our love, understanding and willingness to proclaim to all that “God is good! All the time!”

Fine Arts Update:  SHHS Record Setters

 By:  Jan Bahner

Speech Team Moderator & English Teacher

Mrs. Bahner PictureThis year's speech team styled themselves "The Record Breakers" from the very beginning of the 2012-2013 season. Under the leadership of co-captains Megan Ortmeyer (’13), and Aaron Church (’13), the team reached milestones never before attained by a Sacred Heart Speech Team.

Individual success led to a number of team achievements. The team finished first place at the Cole Camp Invitational Tournament, second at the Smith Cotton Contest, and third at the Knob Noster Contest — the most invitational trophies won in a single year. More importantly, the team won first place at both Fall and Spring Conference Contests, making them the first-ever Sacred Heart team to win the Conference Championship in Speech.

Three students were recognized by conference coaches for All-Conference First Team honors:  Aaron Church, Megan Ortmeyer, and Virginia Vanegas (’14). In addition, Connor Simon (’13) received All-Conference Honorable Mention.

One more record was broken this year when Sacred Heart qualified three students in four different events to attend the State Speech Contest in Columbia in April:  Connor Simon in U.S Extemporaneous Speaking and Radio Speaking, Megan Ortmeyer in Storytelling, and Jess Carroll (’13) in Poetry Reading (Jess was also the District Champion in Poetry).  

The four seniors this year will be greatly missed; however, the future teams will be inspired to continue the record breaking tradition set this school year.

Gremlin PRIDE never Dies

 By:  Sherry Walker

Retired English Instructor; Class of 1965

Ky Oh TennisWho doesn’t remember attending a Sacred Heart ball game:  volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball and in the later year’s soccer, track, football, tennis or golf.  If you went to Sacred Heart the sounds, sights and emotions will still resurface as you enter the schools gymnasium.  The excitement of the fans can’t help but take you back to your day.  Yes, most definitely some things have changed, but one sustaining thing will never leave, and that’s the Sacred Heart PRIDE.

Win or lose-- the games are played with good sportsmanship and pride to be a Gremlin.   Sacred Heart has always made it known that they are present to play their hardest in whatever sport they participate.  When a Gremlin steps on the court the opposing teams know that they have to step up their game because Sacred Heart always gives it their best.  When the first graduating class chose the Gremlin as the school’s mascot they knew they would be outnumbered, considered the underdogs, but those two things fueled them to be those menacing gremlins from World War II history.

The 2012-2013 school year is once again filled with the pride of being a Gremlin player.


Golf: 11-1 record, District and Sectional Champs 3rd place in State

Volleyball:  22-9-6, District and Sectional Winner. Quarterfinals participant

Basketball: 13-14, Conference Tournament Champions

Soccer: 13-7, District Finalist

Softball: 12-8. No post season play

Shirley Luebbert Sportsmanship Award - Lyndzie Brace


Post-Season Awards:

Golf:  Alex Bankovich: All-Conference, All-District, All-Region and All-State

Olivia Sobaski, Sarah Benitz, and Kaitlyn Sunnarborg all were selected All-Conference All-District, and All-Region



Sydney Smith: All-Conference, All-District, All-Region and All-State

Honor Kehde: All-District, All-Conference and All-Region

Becky Full: All-District

Lyndzie Brace: All-Conference



Sydney Smith: All-Conference, All-District and Sedalia Democrat All-Area team

Gabbi Ebers: All-Conference, All-District and Sedalia Democrat All-Area team



Destiny Matz: All-Conference

Emma Honn: All-Conference

Olivia Honn: All-Conference



Morgan Bogue: All-District, All-Region, All-State 2nd Team

Gabbi Ebers: All-District, All-Region, All-State Honorable Mention.

Honor Kehde: All-District, All-Region, All-State 1st Team & Regional Defensive Player of the Year

Kaitlyn Sunnarborg: All-District, All-Region


Soccer: 17-10, Conference Champions, Conference Tourney Champions, District and Sectional Winner and Quarterfinal Participant. Conference Coach of the Year

Football: 8-4 top finish in Conference and District (2nd)

Basketball: 25-5 District and Sectional Winner, Quarterfinal Participant

Baseball: 11-6, District Champion and Sectional Participant

Golf: 5-5

Tennis: 6-4

Bob Racunas Sportsmanship Award - Jesse Carroll



Adrian Gonzalez: All-Conference, All-District & All-State

Malik Hacket: All-Conference & All-District

Michael Hohne: All-Conference, & All-District

David Lorandi: All-Conference, & All-District

Chase Lyles: All-Conference & All-District

Keyaire Marshall: All-District

Jack Smith: All-Conference

Caleb Tanguay: All-District



Brandon Cooper: All-Conference, All-District & All-Region

Mason Kelchner: All-Conference, All-District

Max Martin: All-Conference, All-District

Ky Oh: All-District

Chance Spangler: All-Conference

Garrett Strange: All-Conference, All-District, All-Region, & All-State Regional Defensive Player of the Year

Jimmy Villalobos: All-Conference, All-District & All-Region

Travis Cooper: Conference Coach of the Year.



Malik Hackett: All-Conference

Garrett Strange: All-Conference & All-District

Chase Lyles: All-District



Mason Kelchner: All-Conference

Nikolas Langston: All-District & All-Conference

Ben Smeltzer: All-Conference

Caleb Tanguay: All-District



James Lucchesi: All-Conference. Qualified for Sectionals & State.

Patrick Hoffman: All-Conference. Qualified for Sectionals.

Michael Hohne: All-Conference. Qualified for Sectionals.

Alumni News
Celebrations, Remembrences, and Reunions


Go Grems!

Two SH alum received special recognition during the conclusion of the 2013 Catholic School’s Week. Dianne (Behen ’87) Withers was named Alumni of the Year and Marlo (Boots ‘91) Siron was named Teacher of the Year.



The class of 1961 gathered for their 50
th High School reunion back in June of 2011. The class had breakfast at Best Western State Fair Motor Inn, toured the school, attended the 5:30pm Mass at Sacred Heart and had dinner at the Sedalia Country Club. Seventeen members were able to attend.


The class of 1987 gathered for their 25th High School reunion in June of 2012. The group met for dinner at Fitters on Friday evening, and had lunch at the home of one of their classmates the next day. After attending the 5:30pm Mass at Sacred Heart for the All-School Reunion on June 23, 2012, the group attended the all-school reunion.


One June 23, 2012 an all-alumni reunion was held at Sacred Heart School. A great crowd turned out and enjoyed an evening of reminiscing with friends both old and new. The evening began with Mass at Sacred Heart, the group gathered at the school and enjoyed a catered meal by Table of 5 Catering. The school was open for tours. 2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the inception of Sacred Heart High School which began in 1942.


Class of 2003 - Save the DATE!

Class of 2003Welcome Home Gremlins! The class of 2003 will be celebrating its 10-year reunion
Aug. 16 – 18.
  More details will be shared soon. For more information, or to R.S.V.P, call Natalie (Bailey) Newville at (660) 596-9578 or

Happy Anniversary!

Henry and Rosann (Behrens ’48) Saddler celebrated their 50
th Wedding Anniversary on September 2, 2012.

David and Dianne (Behen ’87) Withers celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary on May 23, 2013.

Wedding Celebrations!

Elanie Delph (’06) married Tyler Byrd on May 28, 2011

Matthew Watkins (’98) married Melinda Silvey on October 8, 2011

Jacob Dey (’07) and Alyssa Hanlon (’08) were married on July 14, 2012

Jessical Kehl (’07) and Brian Kiel were married on May 29, 2012


Remembering Our Dearly Departed

God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.
Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in hope
 for my family,
relatives and friends,
and for all the dead known to You alone.
In company with Christ,
Who died and now lives,
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again in one family,
to sing Your praise forever and ever.

Mary Bell (Williams ’53) – August 25, 2011

Rosa Lee Dove (Hall ’53) – November 27, 2012

Joseph “Joey” Gillespie (’91) – December 25, 2012

Nancy (Self ’51) Capuro – January 14, 2013

Karen Stone (’78) – February 1, 2013

Marie (Burlette ’48) Nicholson – September 22, 2011

Roger Cook (’86) – November 12, 2012

If you have news to submit, please mail to:
Dianne Withers at 421 W. 3
rd Street,
Sedalia, MO 65301,
davdirobed@gmail.com or visit http://www.gogremlins.com/about-us/alumni.cfm