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April 2014 - Issue 3
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Dr. Register Sets Plans to Retire

For Dr. Mark Register, Gremlin Pride isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s been his state of mind since the day he moved to Sedalia and enrolled at Sacred Heart School as a sophomore in 1972. Although Register’s school pride has been a beacon for many generations of Sacred Heart students and families, it will shine in a new direction come June, when he says goodbye to the administration position he’s held at Sacred Heart School for the past 21 years.


“I love Sacred Heart School and Parish with all my heart,” Register says.  “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve Sacred Heart Parish and School and the Diocese of Jefferson City for the past 29 years. With that being said, and as we are reminded in the third chapter of Ecclesiastes, ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’”


Rev. Mark Miller, pastor of the Catholic Church of Pettis County, says communities and organizations thrive when they have members who are committed to the vision and mission of the organization.  “Dr. Register is one who exemplified this kind of commitment during his tenure as principal of Sacred Heart School. As an alumnus of the school, he has never forgotten the treasure that exists here on Third Street.” 

Register began his teaching career at Sacred Heart School in 1985 as a religion and P.E. instructor.  He also coached junior high and high school basketball and baseball. In the 1992-1993 school year, Register served as principal of St. Peter and Paul School in Boonville. He returned to Sacred Heart School in the fall of 1993, which marked the start of his 21-year career as principal. 


Numerous school advancements took place under Register’s leadership. Most notable were his tireless efforts for more than a decade toward the campaign for – and completion of – the school campus expansion. Register also oversaw the dedication and renovation of Harris Hall, which now serves as the home for the newly formed (and area’s only Montessori-inspired) preschool. Even more recently, Register was instrumental in the development of a full-time “Little Gremlins” day care program. 


Other significant accomplishments include the development of Sacred Heart School’s academic and extra-circular offering. In 1998, the school debuted its first spring musical, which has become an anticipated annual tradition. In 1999, the ITV lab, a two-way videoconferencing program was introduced to expand the school’s dual-credit college course offering. In spring 2012, SHS student scholarships reached an all-time high of $700,000.


Register’s advocacy outside of the classroom is evident as the SHS athletic program has flourished. Since 2002, Sacred Heart School has made 11 MSHSAA Final Four appearances in various sports programs. 


“The physical brick and mortar, the curriculum, and the extracurricular activities have all just about doubled under his leadership, but the one gift Dr. Register brought that made all of the others possible was a change in attitude and outlook,” says Richard Bahner, a SHS graduate and faculty member for 39 years.  “Mark made it clear at the very first faculty meeting that there would be no room for negative attitudes or defeatist thinking.  The Sacred Heart community rallied under this positive leadership to build an academic and spiritual community that we can be proud of.”


Jane McMullin, a SHS graduate and current faculty member says Dr. Register’s dedication is tremendous. “I have had the privilege of working with Mark for more than 20 years and have watched this school achieve so many incredible goals under his leadership,” she says. “His everyday presence and guidance will be missed even though I know that his good will and prayers for the success of Sacred Heart will continue.”


Shawn Grose, Sacred Heart School Board President, says the very nature in which Dr. Register chose to make the announcement speaks to Register’s humble heart and school loyalty. “We have been blessed with an amazing leader whose countless contributions will resonate for many years,” Grose says. “We are grateful for his service and unwavering commitment to our students and the Sacred Heart family.”


Kyle Herrick, Sacred Heart School Foundation member and Sacred Heart School graduate, says Register is a true believer, whose dedication is second to none. “Mark has done a fantastic job of taking Sacred Heart School into the 21th Century,” Herrick says. “His perseverance is remarkable.” 


Register is undecided on his plans after retirement, but he intends to remain highly active as a Sacred Heart parishioner and school advocate.


“It will be my continued prayer that the Lord bless all of those affiliated with Sacred Heart School,” Register says. “My wife and I feel blessed that we were able to raise and educate our children here.  We look forward to the same wonderful opportunity of the Sacred Heart experience for our grandchildren in the years to come.”

Dr. Gary Manning Named SHS Administrator


Dr. Register Profile Picture

A new chapter of leadership will begin at Sacred Heart School with the appointment of Dr. Gary Manning to serve as administrator for the 2014-2015 school year. Manning was selected by the Sacred Heart School Board and the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City to be the successor to Dr. Mark Register, who will retire June 30, following a 21-year career as school administrator.


Manning comes to Sacred Heart School with a doctorate in education from St. Louis University (2013), and an education specialist degree (2005), master’s (1999) and bachelor’s in physical education from the University of Central Missouri. Throughout his 17-year career in education, Manning has held various leadership positions, including secondary principal (2006 – 2012) for Crest Ridge School District in Centerview, and elementary assistant principal (2002 – 2006), school district activities director and teacher (1997-2002) for Holden School District. His teaching experience includes elementary, secondary, and college-level courses in physical education and history.


“Finding Dr. Manning to serve as administrator for Sacred Heart School has made the rigorous selection process we’ve gone through these past several months completely worthwhile,” says Rev. Mark Miller, C.PP.S. “His impressive track record as a teacher, coach and administrator, coupled with the trust and praise he’s earned from peers and colleagues, makes us very confident that Gary will be a key driver in our school’s ongoing development and success. We are eager to introduce Gary to the Sacred Heart family and have everyone be as excited as we are about having him on board.”


Manning’s first day at Sacred Heart School will be July 1. Fr. Miller says plans are in the works for Manning to visit with the students, faculty, staff, and parents prior to summer break. 


“My family and I are looking forward to becoming part of the Sacred Heart family,” says Manning. “I am excited about joining and working with a great team. I see this as a challenge but great opportunity for me to continue the excellent tradition that Sacred Heart has established over the years.”  


In addition to his classroom involvement, Manning has worked with various agencies and organizations, including Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri State High School Athletic Association, Pathways, Division of Family services and Department of Juvenile Services. Manning and his wife, Nancy, have three children. They are active members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Warrensburg.


Faith Afire on Brazilian Beach with Pope

Christopher Hoffmann ('11)

Ag Engineering Student, Iowa State University

Last summer I had the privilege of studying in Viçosa, Brazil. This opportunity opened doors to ideas and perspectives that I have not experienced here in the U.S.  This perspective was not just cultural or academic, it was also religious.  I will explain why I use “religious” and not “spiritual” later.  At the conclusion of my Portuguese class and grain storage research project, I was, almost by accident, able to attend World Youth Day (WYD), or Jornada Mundial da Juventude as it was called in Brazil.  I knew a the event was scheduled when I left for Brazil, but did not put much thought into actually attending.  About two weeks before WYD began, I asked if  anyone from Viçosa was attending, and informed my parents during one of my few chances to communicate via a spotty internet.  My Mother got in touch with a few of her Brazilian friends, who learned through the university that a group was going from the parish I was attending, Santa Rita´s.  I contacted the youth minister, Douglas, a student at the university, through Facebook.

The bus ride took all night. I was among 20 people, mostly youth.  It then took almost a day to register for the conference, after which we took a 90-minute metro ride to the school where we stayed.  The neighboring parish hosted about six bishops from around the world.  A day at WYD started with grabbing a boxed breakfast at the parish, followed by catechesis, praise, and worship, then Mass, which was led by one of the visiting bishops.  The mass was recited in Portuguese, so most of the spiritual enrichment was lost in translation.  I was familiar with the Portuguese Mass parts, but could only pick out a word here or there during the catechesis.


Following Mass we took a 90-minute metro ride downtown, grabbed a bite to eat, and spent the midday at one of the many events around the city.  We attended a museum that hosted Vatican art from the 1400’s, visited an exhibit about the shroud of Turin, and spent some time on the beach.  Opening Mass was led by the Archbishop of Rio.  After Pope Francis arrived the following night, a theatrical Stations of the Cross processed along the boulevard by the beach.  The last night there was a vigil with adoration and praise and worship, but I didn’t stay all night.  More than three million people – the largest recorded gathering on Copacabana – attended a mass led by Pope Francis the following morning. ?Thanks to my Brazilian experience, especially WYD, I learned that the church is truly universal.  Even though some of the Mass or being Catholic may be different or have a cultural twist, there are still distinct and noticeable similarities, whether it’s mass in the semi-rural town of Viçosa, to or Mass led by the Pope on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. 


SHS News in a Nutshell


Don’t let the brevity fool you. SHS continues to make BIG headlines. Keep up on all the latest happenings by following us on Facebook.


  • The Sacred Heart High School Math Crunchers claimed its sixth-consecutive Kaysinger Conference Championship. Under the direction of  Richard Bahner ('70) the team took home first place team trophies at all six tournaments of the season.

  • The Talking Gremlins Speech team won its second consecutive Kaysinger Conference Speech Championship.

  • Sam Burnett, eighth grade, scored in the top 100 of the Missouri geography bee, earning a spot in the state competition. Burnett made it through eight rounds in the preliminaries of the state geography bee, just barely missing the finals.

  • The class of 2013 had an average ACT score of 23.3, placing them in the 70th percentile nationally. More than 50 percent of the class had an average ACT score of 25.5, placing them in the 81st percentile nationally.

  • Students gave more than 1,600 community service hours and $14,000 in funds and supplies to charity during the 2012 – 2013 school year. 


Heartfelt Thanks from SHS Foundation


A strong heartbeat at Sacred Heart feels so good, and it's not possible without our Sacred Heart family. You help make Sacred Heart School an exceptional place for our children to become the best versions of themselves. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2013 SHS Foundation Annual Fund, which generated more than $105,000 for the immediate and long-terms operational needs of the school. (View our list of supporters.) 

Our 2014 Annual Fund that kicked off in January with Catholic Schools Week and a visit from the Bishop has brought in $95,000 of our goal of $150,000. A list of donors will be posted toward the close of our Annual Fund. Thank you for putting "Heart" into our children's education by making the school a priority in your charitable giving!


The Sacred Heart School Foundation Members: 
John Swearingen, Tim Alley, Jack Arnold, Paul Beykirch ('73), Lisa Church, Joe Fischer, Kyle Herrick ('82), Mark Register ('75), Beverly Rollings, Charles Tippie ('88) and Bill Turner. 


Bishop John R. Gaydos was the honorary guest at the Foundation Annual Fund reception, which included several performances by SHS students.


Reflections on the Gremlins' 
State Basketball Championship

Jim Downs ('65)


Editor's Note: Congratulations and virtual high-fives from alumni across the country carried our boys' b-ball team all the way to a historic perfect season and state championship. Some alumni, like Jim Downs, were fortunate enough to bring their support courtside. Here's his recount of the championship game in a way only a true Gremlin fan can tell it. Thanks James!


In the end, SHHS's speed and quickness won out over Iberia HS's bulk and size. But the conclusion was not established until midway through the 4th quarter after 28 tension-packed minutes of see-saw thrills featuring the best and worst of high school championship basketball.


During the pre-game warm-ups, size-wise it appeared SHHS had suited up their JV and that Iberia's roster had been nurtured with genetically modified corn since the first grade. The hardwood floor groaned as the lumbering Iberian giants plodded through their warm-up drills.

All ten players on the Gremlin squad were designated as guards in the program, the two tallest being generously listed as 6' 3". The guard designations for all ten players on the team was probably not an error or typo; rather, one suspects that it was a stroke of psychological genius by Sacred Heart's wily coach, Steven Goodwin.


Iberia's 6' 10" center lined up with one of the Gremlin guards for the tip-off. The Ranger center controlled the tap but remarkably it ended up in the hands of a Gremlin. The Grems quickly advanced the ball to their end but just a quickly lost posession.


What came next was a seven-minute exercise in futility for the Gremlins that left them down by 10, 16-6, at the 1:34 mark in the 1st quarter. Fans on both sides seemed to sense that they might be witnessing the beginnings of a blowout. Remarkably, the Gremlins dominated their offensive boards during this unpleasant stretch, coming up with most of their missed field goal attempts, but failing capitalize on the put-backs. In addition to their size advantage, the Iberia squad showed agile ball-handling skills with several nifty moves to the basket and some razor sharp passing.


However, in one of the fastest reversals of fortune you will ever witness in a basketball game, Jaime Villalobos reeled off 8 straight points in the last 80 seconds of the quarter to close the gap to two.


Tenacious defense, poor shooting, and unforced errors characterized the 2nd quarter as the lead switched back and forth, the Rangers holding a one-point edge at halftime.


Iberia got off to a hot start again in the second half and quickly built the lead back to seven. The Gremlins threw up bricks and were scoreless for the first three minutes and eleven seconds of the quarter. Both teams shot poorly for the remainder of the quarter, the Gremlins mustering only 7 points during the eight-minute quarter. The Rangers held a reasonably comfortable 5-point lead heading into the fourth. At the end of the third, there was no tangible evidence to suggest the Gremlins could overcome another deficit. My only thought was that Iberia's decision to slow the game down, perhaps because of foul troubles, might prove fatal.


It did. Early in the 4th quarter, the Sacred Heart pressing defensive and quickness begin to pay dividends. Iberia didn't score during the first half of the 4th quarter as the Gremlins scrapped their way to a 3-point lead. Iberia now had to foul as the Gremlins played a little ball control of their own. The red & white were almost flawless in sinking free throws down the stretch extending the lead to 16 just before the closing bell.

The 61-45 final ranks in my mind as one of the most misleading scores in my high school basketball memories. It was grueling championship struggle between two teams of contrasting styles. Both deserved to be there and both deserved to win.


I was pleased with the result not just because I am an alumni. I somehow viewed the Gremlins' State Championship as redemption for the 3 - 22 (or something like that) season we suffered through when I was one of two seniors on the 1965 squad. 


Alumni News
Celebrations, Remembrences, and Reunions



Homecoming 2014

Parade - Fri., Sept. 19

Game - Sat., Sept. 20
Dates tentative.


Welcome home, Gremlins!
Hello from the class of 1963!

We’ve been asked to write a description of our 50th reunion, which took place on October 5, 2013.  In a word, it was a blast.

We started the festivities with lunch at Fitters for the girls, and at Leonard and Jackie Butler’s house for the guys. At 4:30 p.m, we gathered at the Church. We are grateful to Father Mark for welcoming our request to participate in the Mass and to include those in our class who have died in the petitions.  After the Mass, we headed to the beautiful commons area for a delicious meal and a chance to reconnect and reminisce.

The hit of the evening on the fun meter was Bill Brosch and his karaoke equipment! He has an incredible playlist and a voice that sounds exactly like Johnny Cash. We had so much fun singing the songs from the fifties and sixties!

Thanks to the parish and school staff members for making us feel so welcome and special thanks to Mike Freels who took our call at midnight when we found we did not have a key that would turn off the gym lights!

- Submitted by Sandy (Glavin) Nickel ('63)


Remembering Our Dearly Departed


Sister Catherine Marie Bax (formerly known as Sister M. Hèloise), passed on Dec. 27, 2013. She taught at SHS in the sixties, and was a Sister of the Precious Blood for 69 years. She is survived by her sister, Catherine (Bax '51) Tenney, of Magnolia, Texas.

A native of Moberly, Mo., Sister Catherine was a grade school teacher in Ohio and Indiana for five years. She taught for 20 years in high schools in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and California. In 1971, she transitioned to an accountant at Marian Hall in Flint, Mich., a position she held for 18 years. Sister Catherine then spend the next 17 years assisting the congregation’s treasurer and finance officer. She retired in 2006, and moved to Salem Heights in 2012.


Kenneth N. Jett ('52) passed away Friday, June 21, 2013, at his home in Sheldon, Mo., following a lengthy illness. He was born Dec. 18, 1933, in Sedalia, Mo., to Roy Raymond Jett and Mildred Lena Klein Jett. He married Charlene L. Shaw on Oct. 3, 1964, and she preceded him in death on Feb. 16, 2010.


Kenneth was raised in Sedalia and graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 1952. He served in the United States Air Force for four years and was stationed in Greenland. Following his military service, Kenneth worked for Missouri Pacific Railroad in Sedalia and later ran his own rental business there. Later, he worked for Menefee Construction in Sedalia for a number of years. In 1971, Kenneth went to work for the 3M Company when they began operation in Nevada, retiring in 1996 after 25 years. He was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Nevada and a member of the Knights of Columbus Council No. 855 and a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus Luke E. Hart Assembly No. 1953.


Robert Joseph Fernandez passed December 9, 2012. He was born in Havana, Cuba to Jose Fernandez and Josephine (Spittler) Fernandez. He married Mary Rouchka ('55) on June 14, 1956, who survives of the home. He served and retired from the U.S. Air Force. He also retired from the Miami Herald as a Purchasing Agent. He is survived by his wife, children, Robert (Teri) Fernandez, Jr. of Bel Aire, Toni (Randy) Wiggins of Wichita, Kathy (Randy) Wilson of Wichita, Stephanie Fernandez of Bel Aire, and Bruce (Jennifer) Fernandez of Park City; 11 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren; and many other family and friends.


Greetings Lil’ Grems!


Joylynn Allard ('10) welcomed her second son in February 2014. Joylynn graduated in May of 2013 from Missouri Valley with a bachelor’s in psychology. She is working on her master’s in counseling while working at Pathways Community Health in Windsor, Mo.


Rachelle (Borland '03) and Andrew Linn welcomed their first child on February 15, 2014. The family lives in Phoenix, Ariz.


Alumni News


Mark Register ('75) was the recipient of the Alumnus of the Year and Teacher of the Year. This was the first time a teacher has won both honors at the same time. Register was congratulated by a standing ovation when receiving both awards.


A committee from the Alumni Association selects the alumnus of the year. Teacher of the Year is voted on by the SHS faculty. This year marks the first time two teachers received the award. Marcia Turner also received the honor of teacher of the year, in recognition of her 34 years at SHS. Turner teaches high school history and middle school history and English.


Alexander Cline ('10) is finishing the fourth of his six-year professional doctorate of pharmacy at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. He earned a tennis scholarship and is playing at the NAIA level. He recently was hired on as an intern with CVS pharmacy. Alexander serves as class officer for his class of 2016, and has held various positions with his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha.


If you have news to submit, please mail to:  Dianne Withers at 421 W. 3rd Street, Sedalia, MO 65301 / Email: davdirobed@gmail.com or visit http://www.gogremlins.com/about-us/alumni.cfm